Friday, October 31, 2008


GOOOOOOOO PHILLIES!!!! As you all know...WE WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!! The town has been painted red for WEEKS now, but I'm GREEN with envy (lil Eagles humor). Seriously, I REALLY hope this win has charged my birds- to a victory. I'm not a baseball fan, but it's hella exciting having this victory for my city.

As would be imagined; there's a HUGE parade going on today, culminating in a rally at Citizens Bank Park it's going to be completely CRAZY. Here's a couple pics for you guys to be


Thursday, October 16, 2008

1964 AND MORE!

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America – America – Oh beautiful for spacious skies – America – America! It’s been a long time coming, but change is on its way, but first we’ll be making a stop in Mississippi.

During the early 50’s election officials sought to keep blacks from voting mainly by incorporating fear amongst the people – fear of being beaten, or killed; fear of losing their jobs or land; fear of having their rents doubled even the fear of not having any food. During the winter of 1962, LeFlore County, Mississippi, cut off the government food surplus program; a major dependence for the counties poor blacks. Fear had stricken the black community; paralyzing progress as democracy retreated; fear was raping southern blacks of their right to vote.

By the mid-60’s, State legislatures became a little more crafty; they incorporated laws requiring voters to pay poll taxes, interpret sections of the State Constitution and used literacy test as a main qualifier to obtain voting privileges. Injustice reared its ugly hear, Voter Education Program (1961) was almost becoming futile as it’s hard to educate once fear takes over.

The voting process proved grave, literally as participants were threatened, jailed, beaten and killed. A call for change was made and answered by over 1000, mostly white-northern, volunteers. Their mission was to calm the fears, educate, support and register the black, should-be-voters of Mississippi.

Mosquito’s, humidity, fear and anticipation filled the air on June 14, 1964 as volunteers geared up for what would be known as Freedom Summer; a mission to register Black voters in the segregated South. A mission brought forth due to the oppressive; hate motivated scare tactics instituted by southern white citizens.

Racial injustice, threats, scare tactics and mostly white-northern volunteers; that’s what this post is about.

I believe our (America’s ) change is coming in the form of Senator Obama; his principles and priorities have awaken the racism that has lain dormant in most of white America, who in turn seeks to reinstall fear amongst the black community.

Within the last few weeks the city of Philadelphia (and I’m sure all urban cities) has been flooded with misleading deeds-dastardly deeds (lol) – here are a few:
1)If you have a warrant or outstanding tickets, you’re subject to being arrested when you arrive to vote.
2)If your home is under foreclosure you can’t vote.
3)If you wear party/candidate specific items or attire (No Obama S@#%) you will have to leave.
4)If you owe child support
if your hair’s too long; if you wear glasses; if you have a cat; if you eat bagels for breakfast.

Ok, scratch those last few, but you get the point. Oh, there was also a notice going around that said: Due to the height of this Presidential election and the increase in voter registrations, an alternate voting day is being added – If you’re not able to vote on November 4th, you may do so on November 10th (SUCKERS!!) (I added the ‘Suckers’ part).

I was told of this new tacky-tact maneuver by a white woman who from New York, which brings us to that part of this post. As I’ve been actively volunteering with the campaign during my down time from work, I’ve noticed that the majority of the volunteers are white, with a great deal of them coming from other northern-states.

Obama is not the Black people’s candidate, but he’s here for whoever will follow, but black people seem to be the least supportive with their time and money. We’ve got to step it up because most of the fear-tactics have been thrown at our doors like dog-do in a a paper bag. We’ve got to unit to combat these efforts and let them know that we shall NOT be moved- Welcome to the NEW land of the brave – Home of the FREE!!!