Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dating Me...#2 (The Good Date)

I was asked on a date yesterday (that poor man), anyway...I SOOOOOO don't really want to be bothered; I think I'm emotionally numb, but I'm game. Ok, to be honest...my fancy hasn't really been tickled by this guy either...I think that's the biggest problem, but again...I'm game. I can't say I'm not attracted to him, or anything bad, but I do think he's a lil stuffy for my taste, but he's cool. I've actually grown tired of going through the motions of dating (yeah I know, but for this post disregard the contrary statement in Dating Me #1). Right about now, a man will have to wow the heck out of me...and to his surprise it won't take much at all; here's a flashback to one of my favorite dates:

1996 (ironically following one of my worst dates). It was with a guy I'd fallen in love with (without his knowledge and/or approval...lol, kidding he wanted me to love him). He'd been pursuing a bit and I was resisting;I'm not real good with giving my heart freely...I'm REAL cautious and he was in a relationship last I checked, so I needed to give him time to get OUTTA and OVER that. I thought this man was the best thing since sliced bread, which is why this was one of my most memorable dating experiences. He was one of the most attractive men to me...he was my 'all I ever wanted' dude, so when he stammered with a childlike recede and asked me to accompany him to a banquete for this organization he was involved with, I almost lost it; moreso because I couldn't believe a man I thought so much of apparently thought so much of me, to the point to shy apprehension. UMMMMMM! When I said yes, his excitement sent me into emotional overload, but anyway, the day of the event came and he knocked on my door...my sister answered then came; "There's a guy at the door for you with this big stupid smile on his face." LOL. I was so mad at her for saying that bout my boo. We went to the event and had the BEST time staring at each other and smiling and dancing and making jokes...DAG I LOVES ME SOME HIM (yeah, that was my first love) I know the story isn't much, but so what!!! lol

2006 (another irony, the same 2006 with the cops at my house)
REAL SIMPLE: He picked me up on a Sunday afternoon and we went and got ice cream. We're sitting there eating and in the middle of my statement, he says kinda quite and almost as if he hoped to slip it by me; "you're so pretty." I stopped like..."oh wow...thank you." That was the first time he'd ever really said that aside from our initial meeting (a couple weeks prior). Attraction is ususlly assumed, otherwise why be bothered, but it's still something special to here it confirmed. We finished up rode a bit, then parked the car and walked along the river and talked...about all our favorite things and what not. When we got back to the car, he said..."it's kinda early and I don't want to take you home" (awww...ain't he precious) Well we ended up back at his house and I stayed the night (Y'ALL BE QUITE)LOL, because the best part of this was that we had a great time enjoying such simple things and DIDN'T HAVE SEX (see...y'all so nasty...swore something happened didn't ya).

Ok, I'm not a Libra, but I love balance and equality, with that said what's the best date you've ever had...and if you've not expierenced it yet...you know; make one up...LOL.


Shai said...

A good date? LOL. That has been so long ago. Sadly, my first love who I have not been with in 15 years is the best dater. We had tons of good dates.

My last date that was nice when this guy I vowed not to get involved with came to my office Xmas party. The party was whack. However, since it was in the Holiday Inn, they gave us special room rates if we rented a room. So I rented a room.

We talked, listened to music, and played around. The best part was when we were laying down looking into each other's eyes reciting impromptu poems together. Whew! It was romantic and hot. If we had recorded that poem or wrote it down , Wow! LOL. I mean he would spit and I would spit and add on. And I was not a spoken word person.

Too bad this negro had a ton of lies and issues, one being he got married last year and did not tell me. This was after I stopped seeing him, we still talked on phone. SMH.
I have never met a man who had me open on more than one level, the creativity, chemistry, passion was on and popping.

I restarted my poetry writing once I got involved with him, whew, I even wrote a poetry book for him. Damn!

deepnthought said...

I am a sports fanatic. 1999, I was dating this guy and he was so sweet. He got superbowl tickets for me and my dad. We get there and check in to our hotel rooms. He got suites for my dad and me. Flew us first class and everything. It was so sweet of him. After the game, he took me to this building where he had set up just for us.candlelight, music, food, the whole nine.

We ate, played chess, read our favorite sonnets, and enjoyed each other. He was such a gentle and sweet soul. I was even more touched because, he lost the game and should have been somewhere crying.

But he was catering to me.

Wonderful weekend.

Shai said...

Wow, Deepnthought, that sounds so wonderful. Are you still with him?

JustMeWriting said...

WHAT THE HECK...WHERE'S THIS DUDE...CAN I HAVE HIM...LOL. Thanks alot deepnthought...you always tryna show somebody up...LOL.

shai: LOL... yeah, my good date dudes had issues too...but I try to just think about the good date...lol, because the other stuff i'll make you wanna slap em.

deepnthought said...

No. I wasnt really ready for the relationship he needed. So we decided to be friends. He really is a good guy.

deepnthought said...

lol. JMW. you are so silly.

JustMeWriting said...

AGAIN, deep...CAN I HAVE HIM...LOL... I'm just kidding, but seriously...PLEASE...LOL. I LOVE FOOTBALL...PLEASE... just kidding...(PLEASE)

mark said...

" Well we ended up back at his house and I stayed the night (Y'ALL BE QUITE)LOL, because the best part of this was that we had a great time enjoying such simple things and DIDN'T HAVE SEX (see...y'all so nasty...swore something happened didn't ya). "

mark bey: You expect us to believe that, Yeah right we all know you gave up the Flower. I just hope brotha respected you in the mornng. :)

P.s I hope the smiley face appears

JustMeWriting said...

LOL...MARK: you be quiet and stop telling my secrets...HAHAHAHAH and lol at 'flower'. NO I DIDN'T (then)huh, I'm a good girl...(NOW)

GC (God's Child) said...

I'll have to think back but I love this line:
Attraction is ususlly assumed, otherwise why be bothered, but it's still something special to here it confirmed

I need to write that down and tell somebody

JustMeWriting said...

WHY THANK YOU LADY... I try...lol and thanks so much for coming by...please come back and tell about that good date.

NIC said...

Awww, those two stories were so cute. I hope that this next date is great.


Anonymous said...

Date huh?
I'd just met this young lady and was more taken with her than I had been with anyone in my life. It was all set for us to go out that night after I got off of work.

Unfortunately I got ill. I don't know what it was but I just wanted to lay down and sleep. There was no way I was going to let this queen get away so I explained the situation to her and asked her to give me a little while in my car. She said OK.
It got worse.
Between snatches of nap, I'm throwing up on to the street in front of her house.
She came out and checked on me a couple of times, but I kept sending her away. (At this point, you might be thinking I was drunk. First, remember I was coming from work. Second, I didn't drink then and I don't drink now. It was some sort of stomach virus)

Eventually I asked if it would be ok to come in and lay on her floor. At the time she still lived with her mom, and moms said it was ok. Meanwhile, Queen attended to me and let me sleep.

After a while, I got to feeling better. I apologized profusely and thanked her for her hospitality. Then she said those words...: "So do you still want to go out?"

Ladies and gentlemen, in this day and age of materialism, pre-judgement, me first, and "what have you done for me lately?", you can't buy that and can barely hope for that.

Flabbergasted, I stammered, "Y-Yeah..if you're willing." She was, and we went to see Alien 3 at the movie.

In my life,
On my date,
As with yours,
I find that it's the simple things that are often the best things.

JustMeWriting said...

nic: thank you lady-bug...we'll see.

soj. g: that almost brought tears to my eyes...my heart is all-a-flutter...that was so beautiful and that's all it takes. WOW... thank you and coming from a man (you...NOT me) lol, that does the heart of we women glad. thanks much shuga.

dc_speaks said...




JustMeWriting said...

LOL.. you be quiet too dc: hahaha, yes I did stay that night at his house...he was GOOD then, he hate came later...LOL. what CHU been doin...LOL.

KIKI said...

I don't know about my best date, but I did have one guy who loved to give me full body rubs, ending with a serious foot message...WHEW! Unfortunatley he didn't have a back-bone, so that relationship didn't last too long!

Sugar said...

Oh gosh! I'm about to get ready to leave, or I would tell you the story of a great date that comes to mind. Later this evening.

Your dudes sound sweet. :)

JustMeWriting said...

kiki: that's what's up...date or not...I can't IMAGINE the last time I had a good massage...LOL.

sugar: sugar, sugar, sugar...you disappoint me so...LOL...girl you know the deal...you see what deepnthought wrote! You know I depend on you too for the goodness, but very well, I'll wait until tomorrow...HAHAHAHA! Thanks for checking in on me lady.

NaijaBloke said...

Nice blog ... Will def be back ... and am seconding Mark on that issue o ..LOL

Shai said...

@Kiki and JMW: I used to get the BEST massages back in the day especially when I was pregnant. Damn! I miss that ish.

The OE said...

And I was just in Philly. Kind of. Don't tell anyone, it's a secret. Even though I wasn't there. Not exactly anyway.

Sometimes a person needs a chance to grow on another so, assuming it isn't a crisis, an agent needs to take their time to fully evaluate a situation. Thus it is called gathering intelligence.

dc_speaks said...

let me reiterate...I do not approve of you spending the night at some dude's house.

straight up...call me the protective big brother.

I want to talk to dude immediately for "the talk"

IYMS said...

I think my favorite date was just recently. A long time friend of mine traveled a great distance just to take me to dinner and to the movies. We had planned to go to the driving range but the Cavs were playing. He had heard all of my complaints about brothers being "no show's" or not paying and he just wanted to show me a good time. He let me pick the movie and the restaurant. Money was no issue. We were the only two in the movies. He was a perfect gentleman. I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Consistently Inconsistent... said...

A good date---Kick ROCKS!

LOL Thanks for stopping by my page please come back sometime. I will definitely be returning.

JustMeWriting said...

naija: why, I thank you kindly...lol and don't you dare listen to Mark, well not on that anyway...hahah! please do come again.

Shai: girl please...If I have to be prego's to get a massage...NEVERMIND...LOL.

the oe: see...you should have stopped by here before you kind, almost, but not really came to philly...LOL. hello, please do come again.

dc: LOL... you KNOW, I KNOW what you meant...LOL, but no need to talk to him, I've got bigger fish to fry...LOL, sike...I ain't got nutten...sob, sob...LOL

iyms: hello, that sounds like a great date...I love the simple, no relations ones.. (mark, be quiet) it's good to just have a good time with a friend...please do come again.

CortneyGee said...

A good date always ends up with me spending as little money as possible and being submerged in as much cat that girlfriend can deliver ... but it is good to find someone that you can talk with and just vibe on

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... um, um, um...I can't believe you...(oh, yes I can) HAHAHA! Hello sir!

Ab said...

'I couldn't believe a man I thought so much of apparently thought so much of me'
I think its after that happened that i started to feel a lot more self respect... about a year ago!!

JustMeWriting said...

ab: you're always trying to confuse me ...lol hello and thanks for visiting me again.

CapCity said...

sojourna g - I wanna know ARE U still WITH that woman? THat was a great story & I'm hanging on the edge of my seat!

Yea, JMW - I love those simple outings when you're REALLY just FEELIN' a Brother & it's ALL smiles!

Hmmm, my BEST date has not happened yet...i'm betting it's going to be the date when we're standing at an altar of some kind:-).

But, my best so far..i've been blessed with several great moments with men who made me SMILE all over myself, but one of my faves: I was 16 & he was 19 - my "country" sweetie took me out to teach me to drive stick-shift on some of the areas back roads near my gramma's house. I kind of knew the basics, but was so distracted by him I kept messing up and gigglin' all over myself. We finally called it quits and ended up parking on a back road that rarely got any traffic. The funniest parts of the date: mosquitoes were tearing us UP, so we wound up the windows & it was so DAYUM hot in the car that he finally had take me back to my gramma's. I had never stayed out that late (1 or 2am) and didn't have a key, so I had to wake my Dad who slept in the front room to let me in...I was so embarrassed and estatic all at once. We're not together now (lives just took different paths), but the attraction is still there like a wonderful scent lingering in the air.;-)

JustMeWriting said...

DAG CAP... I still smiling...seriously, it's moments like those that entrap you in the forever posibilities of love... thanks for sharing lady.

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