Friday, June 29, 2007

Weeks Reflection.

Life is a mental journey, in which I've often found myself lost, but God always seems to help me regain my sanity. He's allowed me to SEE areas that need to be altered within my personality in order for me to be of better service to Him. Over this past week...from last Friday until today, I've been doing some serious character assessment, not on purpose, but things just happened that way; I've learned so much more about my self.

We're constantly growing, learning, developing. What new peronality traits have you guys been introduced to over the last week. Have you learned anything new or accepted anything old about yourself.

I really don't need to list much of anything, since my post this week revealed so much, but I'll give the basics.

1.) I've ACCEPTED the fact that I MIGHT be somewhat of a pushy parent and I don't have all the answers. That might seem ordinary, but I've always thought otherwise.

I've LEARNED that I have a little more courage then I thought I had.

3.) I've LEARNED AND ACCEPTED my purpose. The direction of my life has become more prevalent then ever before.

4.) I've LEARNED how to fall deeper in love with me...LOL.

5.) I'm a pretty forgiving person...with lots of love, I'm just cool like that, but I've LEARNED that I can forgive, without ACCEPTING what I don't want...I can love from a distance.

I just went back and changed the title of this, so that it's more accurate to what I was thinking and feeling. These are all things that have been made more aware of within the past week...and I seriously want you guys to look back to last Friday and see what God has revealed to you about YOU!


anonymousnupe said...

Oh ye-yah, I'm fir-irst.

Better to be a pushy parent than to have to look back 10 or 20 years later and say, "If I had only..." I think that's redundant: "Pushy parent." At least it oughta be considered so. If more parents were pushy then we wouldn't have to confront their wayward scion on negative terms in subways and on buses so frequently these days. Push, gal!

I’ve learned that I’ve failed far too much in far too many ways and that I need to do everything I can to reverse that slide, for my own children’s sake, in the little time I have left.

mark said...

" 5.) I'm a pretty forgiving person...with lots of love, I'm just cool like that, but I've LEARNED that I can forgive, without ACCEPTING what I don't want...I can love from a distance."

mark bey: I agree with this sentiment, you can have someones back but not be all up in their face like bossom buddies.

As far as being a pushy parent goes you do what you gotta do, we all know the disgusting statistics with black males. More parents need to be like you.

Thank you for posting this I needed to read this, this is why I love your blog you are a genuine, sincere person trying to make progress.

Honey-Libra said...

Love the post!!

You have to love yourself before anyone else can love you :)

Parents are pushy but trust me it all helps in the long run and I'm sure you know that lol

Miz JJ said...

Accepting things about your personality is tough. I think as you get older you grow into your own personality.

Nic said...

1. The older I get the less tolerant I get.

2. I've learned that "you can't be nice to everyone".

3. At 26 I still don't know everything about myself.

Nic said...

Oh and when I said ^ "tolerant" I just meant I don't take peoples s*** anymore.


DJ Black Adam said...

I'm a pretty forgiving person...with lots of love, I'm just cool like that, but I've LEARNED that I can forgive, without ACCEPTING what I don't want...I can love from a distance

That is wisdom, pardon me if you will, but I am going to expand on this a bit because it has been relevant to me over the last few years.

I am a Christian as I believe you are Justme, and I have had some folks do some pretty foul stuff to me in life and have had people say that I should “forgive” and that it is a biblical mandate that I accept the person(s) after said offense and not separate. Nothing is further from the truth; we are called to “Forgive” we are not called to stay around toxic people. In fact scripture tells us to do the contrary:

KJV 1 Cor 15:33

“Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.”

Or as the NIV puts it:

“Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character."

We don’t need Bad Company, we can forgive and love from a distance.

Shai said...

Good post. I have to say forgiving and forgetting is one of my challenges.

Ms. Behaving said...

Sadly enough, one of the more important things I’ve accepted about myself is that I’m overly concerned with things that I shouldn’t be.

I'm gonna have to work on that one....

BTW: Pushy parents are the best parents to have (What happened--you ain't get that memo LOL)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend lady :-D.

FERGIE said...

What a great example for your offspring. A reflective parent, acknowledging her flaws, demonstrating consistent character evaluation and improvement. That a good example makes.

Keep on keeping on...

JustMeWriting said...

nupe: thank you...and I HAVE to share that reflection...I think about the time I've wasted on things of no return, but I'm getting it together.

mark: NO THANK YOU... you know you've affected me greatly, since I started this thing and I really appreciate that.

honey: I KNOW THAT'S RIGHT GIRL... you'll be around when everyone leaves You'd beta learn to appreciate yourself.

miz jj: YES... I guess only God can cause you to really want to rid yourself of those bad habits though.

nic: GIRL... I'm right there with you...and at 32 my tolerence is pretty much

dj: Nobody but Jesus caused you to read my post and comment like that today...I felt the tears about to fall...THANK YOU. I'm so flawed, as we all, but I strive for perfection through the Lords guidence and direction.

I know always know the way I should go, but I trust the Lord to lead me...we want to do right, but sometimes TOO much and it damages what's already RIGHT and good about you. You live and you start to pick up on distructive behaviors and after while you being to guard yourself against them. I'm pressing toward the mark.

shai: girl....see's the answer.

ms.b: YES... I so know what you mean...just putting too much time and thought into things that won't produce fruit...and you could be focused on so much other stuff...I know what you mean.

fergie: THANK YOU... I'm just keep me in prayer.

mark said...

"Our main purpose for existing is to make a possitive impact on something of someone...this should be in our every thought, every day; let these great powers of knowledge's about to be a knewday." JMW

mark bey: Sorry to thread jack but you said this somewhere else and I wanna let you know I really feel and appreciate this comment. Thank you I hope your day is going terrific.

Anonymous said...


Have a great weekend! :D

Always wanting to know.... said...

I have learned that when I pray and ask for things and the lord does answer my prayers but because at first glance or thought it is not the way I wanted it or the way I think it should be I sometimes don't realize it.

They say ask and you will receive but be careful how you ask and be careful what you ask for.

malieta said...

Great post once again!

Looking back on this week, I would say that God has blessed me by letting all of you wonderful people into my life! Just reading what you have to say and HOW you say it is so uplifting. You know..when ever you are going through some "changes in life" you (I) get emotional about it sometimes and I have to tell myself..He (God) will not put more on me than I can take and that I have to be strong! Yes...I have been blessed with the company of good people and that in itself is a "richness" Have a good weekend Justme and everyone else:)

Andrew The Asshole said...

you go girl... you have to love yourself before someone else will. Living life with purpose is so much more fun than floating through life.

Ab said...

nothing to add on th pushy parent part, though yesterday i was telling mom not to overdo it to a point wer th kids dont take her seriously at all (and u cant imagine how pushy mom is)
about the last friday part, i did indeed do some introspection on saturday, and found I had reached a new low, spiritually. too black to write about... or maybe i can, but not on the blog.... anyways lets see.

Anonymous said...

Love from a distance. That's good. It's a fine art. Love is love indeed, but what is it's characteristics and requirements. Can it be done from a distance. I think so, but it's an art.

Mizrepresent said...

What i've learned, that even when i fall, i can, by the grace of God pick myself up, dust myself off and begin again.

I've learned that laughter is the best cure, so i laugh heartily every chance i get.

I've learned that trust is earned, respect is required.

JustMeWriting said...

THANK YOU GUYS... much, love.

Anonymous said...

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