Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lyrically Affected #3 (Adore)

This song is the ultimate...one of my all time favorites...it's words are everything love between two people should be. Who wants to be loved when you can be ADORED!!! The bolded lines are the ones that have the greatest affect on me.

Until the end of time
I'll be there 4 u
U own my heart and mind
I truly adore u
If god one day stroke me blind
Your beauty i'd still see
Love is 2 weak 2 define
Just what u mean 2 me

From the first moment i saw u
Ooh, i knew u where the 1
That night i had 2 call u
I was rappin' till the sun came up
Tellin' u just how fine u look
In a word, u were sex
All of my cool attitude u took
My body was next
U made love 2 me
Like u where afraid
Was u afraid of me?
Was i the first?
Was i your every fantasy?
That's why

Until the end of time
I'll be there 4 u
U own my heart and mind
I truly adore u
If god one day stroke me blind
Your beauty i'd still see
Love is 2 weak 2 define
Just what u mean 2 me

When we be makin' love
I only hear the sounds
Heavenly angels cryin' up above
Tears of joy pourin' down on us
They know we need each other
They know u are my fix
I know, that u know that i ain't cheatin' baby
They know this is serious

I ain't funkin' just 4 kicks, no
This condition i got is crucial, crucial baby

U could say that i'm a terminal case
U could burn up my clothes
Smash up my ride, well maybe not the ride
But i got 2 have your face
All up in the place
I'd like 2 think that i'm a man of exquisite taste
A hundred percent italian silk imported egyptian lace
But nothin' baby, i said nothin' baby could compare
2 your lovely face

Do u know what i'm sayin' 2 ya this evening
I'm just tryin' 2 say
I'm just tryin' 2 say
That until, until the end of time
I'll be there 4 u
I'll be there 4 u
On my heart, on my mind, (truly adore u)
I truly adore u (darlin')
U don't know what you're mean 2 me
Do ya
Do ya
Do ya heeee
Until the end of time i'll be there 4 u
Adore u

Can i talk 2 u? {{chorus repeated in background}}
Tell u what u mean 2 me

Every time u wander
I'll be your eyes so u can see
I wanna show u things
That i show no other, i wanna be
More than, more than your mother
More than your brother
I wanna be (like no) like no other
If u need me, i'll never leave
I know, that u know, without u there is no me

There is no me
Without u there is no sea
There is no shore
Love is 2 weak 2 define how much i adore
U, child
U, child
The last words u hear
The last words u hear

(until the end of time)
I'll be there for you, baby
(until the end of time)

Be with me darlin' til the end of time (until the end of time)
I'll give u my heart
I'll give u my mind
I'll give u my body (until the end of time)
I'll give u my time (until the end of time)
(until the end of time)

4 all time i am with u
U are with me
(until the end of time)
U are with me, u are with me


Shai said...

That is seems to be the ultimate song. I really never thought about it till recently what the song meant. smh. I remember it mentioned in Brown Sugar and the words did not come to me until I heard the song.

It is a very strong song.

CapCity said...

yea, Prince (or The Artist) is a lyrical GENIUS!! LOVE that li'l man!!

Nic said...

Awww, I love this song.

Nic said...

You know what else? Prince doesn't age. He still looks like he did back-in-tha day. And did you see him perform at the super-bowl? Hairstyle stayed cute throughout the whole show, even though it was raining. That dude is MAGICAL!!!

Sheletha said...

Its Prince...whattya say??

anonymousnupe said...

Best Super Bowl performance EVER, Nic, IMHO.

Listening to this made me hearken back to the days when we used to slow drag! Remember that?! (Insert age joke here, JMW.) Man! Now that was dancin’. Either that or an obscene act that should've only been carried out by married couples in the privacy of their homes (unless they was one of dem real adventurous couples, of course).

JMW, I really appreciate the fact that you have your musical offerings set up to play upon command (click), and not automatically as soon as your site opens. That's sooooo annoying. (Apologies to anybody who has their site set up that way.)

Anointed1ne said...

There was a time in my life when I wasn't feeling Prince. Now, his music is gowning on me. In most of his performances I saw, he shut it down.

"How about you and your friends, versus me and the Revolution"

"Computer Blue!"

"Shoot the J!"

"Game... Blouses!"

Lol. I'm sorry for messing up the mood, but I was reminded of The Chappelle Show when he did Prince.

deepnthought said...

lol @ annointed1, I remembered that too.

I liked this song.

Nic said...

@ snupe, I agree. That WAS the best performance ever.

@ anointed, "Wish I could say the same for you...and your team of flunkies!" Don't appologize. That was right on point.

JustMeWriting said...

LOL...anointed, if you don't want to become HATED (for causing uncontrollable laughter) DON'T ever bring up a Dave Chappell episode HERE...you got that buddy...LOL. I LOVE D.C. (dave chappell) and that episode...hahahahha.


shai: YES.. it was on Best Man...part of Taye Diggs' love-making tape (the extented version)...this song is a MUST for me.


nic: LOL... you call him magical again here...you know how small he is, you just made him sound like a leprechaun (in my head) hahahah, but you're SOOO right and he's the ONLY man who can wear what he does and STILL not appear gay (to me) lol...amazing.

sheletha: there's nothing else to say.

nupe: now why you tryna make me go there (because you knew I would), but I'm NOT...NOW! LOL... you're welcome shuga, I'm just glad you like it.

Nic said...

Anyone else picture "anointed1ne" typing................ Then typing with ONE HAND.................then typing with NO HANDS!


Nic said...

@ JMW,


CapCity said...

LOLOL! I agree with everyone else - Prince is the only TRUE being that both genders fall in love with and somehow we caYn't hep it (did u see Jamie Fox's bit - hilarious)!

I wish he'd put out a work out video - that jokah GITS DOWNNNN. I bet he's into capoeria or some spiritual martial art - can't see him at nobody's gym even at home - daYum, JMW, girl u got me jonesin' NOW! LOL!

Anointed1ne said...

Lol. You guys are crazy! Man I love The Chappelle Show. Dude is mad crazy!

@Nic: I wish I could type with no hands. I am currently working on that ability. lol.

Here is the link to the video on youtube.


Sugar said...

I LOVE Prince! When I was in Vegas back in February, he was doing a live show there. One of the local stations broadcasted one of his concerts from back in the day and you'd think I was at the daggone concert what with the way I was jamming in that hotel room. I was late for a meeting in there shaking my money-maker!!

Opinionated Diva said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh I remember slow dragging...and the butt prints on someones basement wall.lol Now days it seems like most of the dancing is provacative...the kids fast drag!

Though most of the time I think Prince is a touch on the weird side, this is definitely one of my favorites of his.

JustMeWriting said...

nic: lol... I think you may have been the only one to see that boo-boo...LOL. and STOP... with the lucky charms...HAHAHAHAHAH. (you make me sick).

cap: HAHAHAH...YES. He is the straightest crooked arrow I've ever seen...hahahah. He's TRUELY an icon and like nic said...he's never aged. I'm seeing him naked riding that winged horse...lol...wasn't that the Doves Cry album?

anointed: DIDN'T I JUST TELL YOU BOUT BRINGING UP D.C. OVA HERE...YOU JUST DON'T LISTEN...LOL. thanks dude. I'm not going to look at it though...I'll get fired.

Ms. Behaving said...

Girl I love--love--love this song!!

Despite the fact that it's SO old, I still have it on my ipod.

Purple rain is another one of my favorites.

Wassup lady??? :-)

JustMeWriting said...

sugar: LOL... GIRL, when He went on tour that last time (his final tour) I wanted to see him SOOOOOOO bad, but DIDN'T. I know if he's EVER anywhere near me again...I'm THERE...I don't care what it cost. He's an amazing performer too.

op.d: HAHAHAH, yes girl...he's weird, but he's still amazing...like You've just GOT to love him. And how is he such a lady, but with a man's voice...hahahah.

DAG, anointed, now I'm hearing D.C. talken in that deep voice with that gloss on his lips asking them to play a game of basketball...LOL. (tears are forming in my eyes)

Ticia said...

Loves this song.....

*swivels in my chair*

FERGIE said...

My parents call this a "belly rubb" song. Loves It!

Anointed1ne said...

Everyone knows they want to watch it.

Don't get fired though. If you do, I had nothing to do with it. lol.

(if you have an office with a door, you might want to close it. lol)

Ray said...

Great pick of verses, yo I commented on your son's post. :-)

KIKI said...

Oh Yeah! Dat's my baby! Ya'll get up off my boo Prince...he ain't weird (ok, maybe just a lil LOL)...he's a friggin lyrical GENIUS! That boi writes music so deep, that if you're not paying close attention, you'll miss the whole message.

But now this song hur...I agree with fergie's folks...make me want to get my belly-rub on!

JustMeWriting said...

ticia: lol @ the swivil in chair...thanks for the visual.


anointed: even with my door close they'd hear me...but I'm going home and watch it.

ray: yes...he's the man...oh, thanks dude...I'll let him know.

kiki: hahahaha...kiki, you make sure you get on nic for calling him 'magically delicious'...hahahahah! and WHEN are you going to update cha post...STOP PLAYEN!

Mega Rich said...

This song and "If I was your girlfriend" are the bomb - so is a lot of other Prince stuff, but Girlfriend was genius.

Andrew The Asshole said...

This is horribly sweet!!! and it works everytime, right? LOL

hottnikz said...

Nobody is a bigger fan of this man than I am. This is his best love song, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Where's your mind today girlie?
First time I've read these. Thanks.

malieta said...

I love Prince also, especially in the early days. I thought he was so "fine" at that time in my life:)

JustMeWriting said...

rich: yeah, I like the girlfriend song too...prince is a bad boy.

andrew: lol...YES IT DOES...like MAGIC (nic be quiet- ;)

hottnikz: NOBODY...WHAT... haha, yes I think it's his best love song for SURE.

soj: lol...I got my mind right boo, I just REALLY love this song and I can't believe you've NEVER read these post series. (I'm mad at chu now)

malieta: YES... I'm amazed at how much appeal he has, him being so tiny and wearing pants with the butt cut out and all...lol.