Thursday, July 26, 2007


Hey guys, this post was inspired by something I read on Opinionated Diva's page; a tag where she mentioned can-goods being in size order (from a movie). I cracked up because I'm the same way, so since Honey-Libra said I'm always serious...hahah...I'm going light today, (see what I do for you guys).

Here is a run-down but first,

is a psychiatric disorder most commonly characterized by a subject's obsessive, distressing, intrusive thoughts and related compulsions (tasks or "rituals") which attempt to neutralize the obsessions. Thus it is an anxiety disorder. It is listed by the World Health Organization as one of the top twenty most disabling illnesses in terms of lost income and diminished quality of life.

Welcome to crazy world:

1) All rolls (toilet paper, paper towels...etc.) MUST be in the UNDER position, if it's NOT I'll put it that way...(even in your house) LOL. or, I'll just HAVE to leave the room.

2) All my bills (money) have to be in order...from amount to position...I can't even put them in my wallet until everything is lined up properly.

3) I MUST have all my can-goods in size order and grouped together and the same goes for everything else in my cabinets...boxes, cups, plates...they must be in size order and grouped (rice's with rice's and so on)

4) NO WIRE HANGERS---(((((EVER)))))...just kidding, but 10 points if you know where that line's from! Anyway, I CAN'T STAND OPEN DOORS, and this is probably my BIGGEST quirk, but I'll have to break it down.

a) Kitchen cabinets MUST be CLOSED...HELLO, CLOSE THE CABINETS PLEASE!!! I'm so serious, if I'm at your house sitting in the living room with a view into your kitchen and see a cabinet door might have to put me out to prevent me from RUNNING in there and closing it. (oh, don't be so judgmental).

b)Closet Doors...OK, I'd SERIOUSLY KILL OVER THIS ONE! I'm not playing people this is an actual FEAR. I don't PLAY WITH OPEN CLOSET DOORS; I mean, there's really no REASON for them to be opened ANYWAY... they're units used for STORAGE... so store your crap and shut the FRIGGEN DOOR... at least when I'm there. And as if this issue couldn't get worse, you guys know what freaks me out MORE then an OPEN closet door? A PARTIALLY OPENED CLOSET DOOR! Don't talk about me...I have a ((((DISORDER))))

Ok, now that you guys know why I'm still single...please make me feel a little better by telling me your quirks, compulsions, DISORDERS!


Opinionated Diva said...

Hey my comment disappeared!!! Ugh!!!!

anonymousnupe said...

I count stairs when I go up or down. And I thought you weren't married 'cause of, you know, that uhva thing.

Honey-Libra said...

Your not ALWAYS serious lol your like the woman version of COMMON LOL..ok ok I kid haha.

I soo feel you on the closet doors I can't get in my bed till they are closed but during the day I could care less...and you can come change my toilet paper I could care less LOL

I put my money in order from smallest amount to largest then I put them in order from the number that's on them you know on the right and left sides..I can't help it lol i dont even know why I do it lol

Opinionated Diva said...

For the record...I do not have stuff in the cabinet faced forward and in size order...that was how dude in the movie had it! other issues are bad enough!

I count stairs too though!

And my money has to be face up and in denomination order...goes back to my years as a bank teller!

JustMeWriting said...

op.d...LOL. I just corrected the can thing in my sorry boo-boo.

nupe: LOL... now why you got to put my bitness out in the streets.

honey: HAHAHAH... see you made me feel like a dud...but I'ma COOLKID I tell you COOLLL! DAG, on the serial number

@ nupe and counting the stairs?!?!?! well I'd probably count them too if I didn't always run up them.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

This is hilarious. lol

Sheletha said...

mommy dearest...

i just hate when my hands feel dirty.

DurtyMo said...

LOL! Ok so.. I hate to see cabinet doors open too. How do u open the cabinet grab something but don't close it? You just walk away from it? How do you do that?

My boo doesnt like the bathroom door to be open especially the one attached to the master! LOL! ISSUES!

I hate sleeping with my bedroom door open even if I live alone! So..hmpf!

Tasha said...

LMAO! I feel you on the cabinet doors thing. But the can labels absolutely must be facing forward (so that the picture shows). I cannot deal with having the nutrition label showing (since that's usually the back of the can).

My toilet paper has to be in the OVER position. I've almost choked D a few times for putting it the other way.

My shoes are lined up on the floor in my closet with the point out, and are organized by season going left to right from most to least pointy toes.

I swear I have a disorder for real!

Ms. Behaving said...

LMAO...Here's one of my weird @ss disorders:


Even though my wardrobe closet is in total/complete chaos, I WOULD NOT HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY and miraculously, I CAN EVEN TELL whenever someone besides myself has been in it [Wait a second didn't I have those jeans thrown on top of that shirt--Hold up...didn't I have that shoe behind this box?--and what about that teensy weensie piece of paper I had right here LOL--Which one a y'all was up in my shyt??].

GIrl...I have had person after person attempt to fix it up for me and whenever they do, I can't seem to find shyt (even if they've pointed out--more than once--exactly where everything is).

I know it's hard for you neat/tidy freaks to see but it actually works this way for me [SO PLEASE LEAVE MY MESS I MEAN STUFF ALONE]

Tom_Gurl said...

@Ms Behaving-I'm with ya! It's called Organised long as YOU know things are that's all that matters....this however only applies to my room...everywhere else must be tidy! Not overly neat-but 'someone stopping by unannounced tidy'

@ JMW-now when you say the toilet roll must be under-do you mean like when you look at the rool-the part you'd pull is furthest from you??? If so....i hate it! It has to be the other way...!

I don't have any obsessions....other than-closet doors in my room can't be left open when I'm about to go to sleep (don't want the monster in the closet to get me when I'm sleeping) and I can't have my legs or arms hanging off the bed (don't want the IT clown to grab it and pull me under....

oh and LMAO @ Opiniated Diva!!!

jameil1922 said...

yay mommy dearest! i actually threw out all my dad's wire hangers when i moved here. i'm w/you on the cabinet doors. closets a lot of people have and its not me. i love staring at my clothes. i picked up some of my neuroses from other people. the money thing i do. and my hangers all need to be the same color and facing the same way. i'm not a toilet paper person. i just don't care. long as it works.

Nina said...

I need the toilet paper to go OVER the roll. Always.

jameil1922 said...

oh yeah. i need the bedroom door closed when i sleep too. even when i'm just in there i usually close it.

JustMeWriting said...

diva: why thank you...that was my intent, but I'm DEAD

sheletha: CORRECT...LOL. yeah, I don't like that either.

mo: hey lady...YES... my bedroom door HAS to be closed for me to sleep.

tasha: lol, yes...i've got to have the lables facing too and I can't STAND the toilet paper in the over possition...I'm cracking up at you and the

ms.b: HAHAHAHAH... that's sooo funny, because I'm ACTUALLY the same way...I'm no neat freak AT ALL... I've just got THOSE other issues...hahah.

t.g: LOL...YES THAT'S WHAT I MEAN! That's funny, I can't do the feet off the bed thing either and for the same reason...hahaha!

jameil: CORRECT. girl, I'm with you on the hangers too...I forgot about that one...that just doesn't make sense to me, how can you put hangers up in different

Terry said...

Man, reading that made me think I was in Boot Camp again. Lining things up, roll goes down, doors closed...hell I bet your shoes are in a straight line in your closet too.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the cabinet doors being shut.

The toilet seat and lid must be down at all times. I hate walking into a bathroom(not including public) and see the tiolet seat is up.

My feet can't be hanging off the bed. But instead of It grabbing my feet I'm scared Chucky is going to get me.

I can't stand to see more than 5 dishes in the sink. I will wash dishes three times a day. My ex roommate loved me b/c that heffa hardly washed dishes.

Shoes in the living room...hate that. Your shoes belong in your bedroom. My boyfriend pisses me off during this.

dc_speaks said... are a stone cold mess!!

GC (God's Child) said...

those wire hangers are horrible. Even Messy McSlobs like myself hate them.

Organized Noise said...

First, can I get my 10 points for the wire hanger line from "Diary of a Mad Black Woman". Secondly, you are not alone:

1. Like you, all rolls have to be in the under position.

2. Like you (again) my wallet is organized by denomination.

3. My closet is organized in four sections (short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, jeans, dress pants) and each section is alphabetized by color.

4. All of my colognes, body sprays, lotions, powders, etc are arranged in size order.

5. My video games, dvds and cd are all alphabetized.

6. My shoes are arranged by type, then lined up in the order that I brought them.

There's more, but I don't want to scare anyone else off . . . then again, it might be too late.

Mizrepresent said...

First of all...great post Gurl! Now!

1. Can't stand my feet to be dry, feel dry, look dry...i mean i will slather lotion, vaseline whatever at 2am in the morning...just to keep them feeling moist and soft.

2. No crumbs on counters, or floors, ever...i sweep probably 3 times a day and wipe counters just as much!

3. No living creatures in my house...that includes flies, spiders or anything that flies, or crawls, you got to die before i go to sleep.

4. Absolutely NO Centerpieds alive, ever...saw a movie about one that crawled into a man's ear and drove him crazy...led me to sleep with my head covered for years.

5. Used to be afraid of showers, after Psycho...but i'm over it, except in hotel rooms.

6. No dirty dishes left in sink, NEVER!

7. Don't like anything frozen, after so many days...scared of FREEZER BURN!

So what's a disorder anyway???lol!

malieta said...

this is too funny people!

CapCity said...

this is funny azzz HECK...but NONE of u are invited to my cozy, humble abode! LOL! NOW, I know why my compulsive sistah goes into conniptions when she comes to visit! LOL! But, it was a delight when she came thru here like a mighty maid & i didn't care HOW she flipped the toilet paper long as it's on the roll when I need it;-). it's great to have compulsive mom & sister - they're much cheaper than maid services and they actually LIKE cleaning. LOL!

feels good b n FREE said...

i LOVE this...

i have to have the shower curtain closed at all times,
my kitchen counter can't have anything on it besides the mini appliances i have set there.
all the boxes in my cabinet have to be grouped by size and type of food.
i use all WHITE hangers, i color coordinate my clothes and shoes...
so i have whites, creams, pinks, reds,oranges, greens,blues, and blacks....
i have to have my picture frames in a certain order and arrangement, at all times,nothing can be on my stove, accept the pots i'm cooking with,i put all my dishes away in a certain order...glasses together, plastic together,mugs together, and so on...there is so much more,but i'ma leave it alone...before u think i'm crazy. lmbo

feels good b n FREE said...

oh yes,and i am obsessed with hand sanitizer....
and spraying my toilet set with LYSOL before every

ok i'm really done now

JustMeWriting said...

WOW... you guys are soooo nice to have gone through all that trouble JUST to make me feel better about my disorder...LOL. THANKS BUDDIES!

dc_speaks said...

you have a disorder? nooooooooooo....i would never have gotten that from your post.

I shall also nickname you "Monk" just like another nameless woman. hahahahahaha

MzCoko said...

I hate dirty bathroom sinks... I just.. hate it.. especially hair.. my old roommate used to leave her cheap ass weave in the sink all the time and it drove me nuts... i swear i cleaned that sink about fifty-eleven times a day (yes fifty-eleven)

Anonymous said...

I think my only one is that I have my closet organized by color. All suits, shirts, pants and casual clothes are lined up in order from light to dark. All ties are grouped according to color, and all shoes must be lined up in neat rows starting with formal, to casual, to sports to sandals.

Oh and the closet door is ALWAYS open! hahaha!