Monday, March 31, 2008

CRAZY LOVE {Tribute Day #1}

I can’t say I remember the day or the moment this love took hold of me, but the feeling is ever present; there’s a calming when I hear his voice…every word speaks to my whole soul. He has been my magic; my everything; he is Will Downing!

I was brought to tears over a perfect stranger today…more stranger that I find him perfect. I don’t know him but I’ve loved him since the 80’s when I first heard “I Go Crazy.” I couldn’t believe my emotions…I didn’t know they could move like that, as they slow danced to the deep soothing sound of Will’s voice. Today’s tears came as I read more on this debilitating disease that’s ATTEMPTING to overtake my Will, but the devil is a LIAR and by HIS stripes he WILL be healed. I’m reminded of the Women with the issue of blood who reached for the hem of the Lords garment KNOWING His healing powers belonged to whosoever will, so Mr. Downing, prayers are going up even as I type this.

Bio: Will Downing was born in 1963 hailing from New York’s Brooklyn area. His first solo album was released in 1988 entitled “Will Downing” and that’s when I met him and went crazy (“I Try” & “I Go Crazy” were my favorites, but “A Love Supreme” was the Billboard favorite, reaching #4 on the charts).

Will continued to do his thing and in 1993 “Love’s The Place To Be,” (at it was for me, because I could never seem to fall from this man.) showed it’s self strong; selling over 235,000 copies in the US and 300,000 in Great Britain…I’m sure you all remember his duet with Rochelle Ferrell, “Nothing Has Ever Felt.”

He’s never won a Grammy, although in 2000 “All The Man You Need” was nominated and in 2002 he received the International Association of African Music Diamond Award (which I’ve never heard of).

To date Will Downing has released 13 solo projects which include a Christmas album and a “Greatest Love Songs” compilation release…not to mention the many features he’s had on various Jazz and R&B albums of his peers.

Polymyositis: is an inflammatory muscle disease with an unknown cause (infliction against Mr. Downing). In the United States, Polymyositis, is most common amongst Blacks and more prevalent in women (please click link).

The more I read of his suffering the more determined I became in doing whatever I can to help fight the battle, so I’m in the very early stage of establishing an awareness campaign and research fundraisers for this and other neurological disorders…yeah I know what you guys might be thinking…”all this effort for a total stranger” – well, I’m not crazy…it’s just Crazy Love!!!

Welcome to DAY #1 of my week long homage to the man who’s made me fall in love with love - Will Downing


dc_speaks said...

at the risk of sounding pretty lame, I'd have to say that I am also a huge Will Downing fan. These are the my fave song.

hey, dude.

stopping by to say hi!

PA..April 22, 2008!

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn Breezes is my favorite Downing song. Now that I got that out of the way can you call a sista or e-mail or something.... I'm ready to do my next review....

Shai said...

I wanted to cry too. I LOVE me some Will Downing. He is the Barry White of Jazz. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Will will be gracing me with his presence next weekend at an concert on the beach. I can't tell you how excited I am to see him live in person.

JustMeWriting said...

oh wow, anonymous...boy would I love that. He's the one who sings at my imaginary wedding...LOL.

rebecca said...

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