Monday, March 26, 2007

Back to the Basics

March 26, 2007
-Philadelphia's 94th murder of the year happened over the weekend...(the details are unimportant).
Today's post is going to reveal another side of me (the greatest parts in my opinion).
The state of the UNION needs to be addressed (the union or DISunion of black folks). My love for Christ and my black race leads me to suggest the following references (possible solutions to our deadly occurrences):

don't be alarmed by the title, but please do check out the link. I found it while looking for this book "Why Our Children Hate Us"/How Black Adults have Betrayed Black Children (excerpts from the book are on this site).
I'm not going to go too far into this aspect of the recomended reference, but also look at the theory and ideology of Dr. Bobby Wright and Mentacide ("the planned and systematic destruction of a group's mentality aimed at the destruction of the group"). Without question, my mind in embedded in this theory and I think a close examination of it and the above site would give direction for reform for those willing.

Another great power equiped with weapons of destruction (against this madness) is:
(I just made that No seriously...I did...HAHAH!
One of my favorite (overused by quotes is that of Sojourner Truth's "Aint I A Woman" speech: "If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back and get it right-side up again." We've GOT to get it together ladies our family's are at stake!!!!

Bringing me to the final suggested reference (I've saved the best for last)

There are SOOOO many places to go within my favorit book, but I'm going to give the scripture I read this morning: "Therefor say to them, 'Thus says the LORD of host: "Return to Me, " says the LORD of host, "and I will return to you, " says the LORD of hosts." (Zecharia1:3)
This needs no elaboration from me...God has said it all. "RETURN TO ME" and I WILL RETURN TO YOU" simple, for those who believe the Bible we KNOW God's word never returns void...and He'll do just what He says. We've gone so far off the path, but God gently reminds us... that it's NOT too late... Draw near to Him and He will draw near to us. Prayer changes things...but we've forgotten how to or that we NEED to. Change is just a prayer away.

These are my basics...what do you think?


Anonymous said...

94th murder!.............there is nothing 1 person can do, if parents,teachers,leaders,presidents,overseers donot teach about JESUS CHRIST dying for us, HIS undying luv and sacrifrices, if these folks donot put prayer back in the schools,white house,homes, etc. and teach love and sacrifices, there is nothing we can do,but remember they are gonna keep killing, sad!

hamil10 said...
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dc_speaks said...

oh wow, Tanya! That is an amazing acronym! I love your words and your ability to reference itwith the bible and other literature was great.

I'll become a regular reader...great post!!

JustMeWriting said...

thank you anon. that's exactly what I'm talking about. No, one person can't do it alone...but collectively we can bring about change.

DC: lol... you do wonders for my ego...thank you my shuga-pie...and what chu mean you'll BECOME a reg. you should have BEEN doing that. lol.

dc_speaks said...

ooops....thats what i meant

Sheletha said...

preeech Sistagurl....

Sheletha said...

preeech Sistagurl....

palebleu said...

Yes...thank you for this... If only we could all keep in mind more regularly the power & purpose in this earth that is greater than us...not only would we have more peace, calm and joy, but it would bind us all together more despite any differences there are between people. Compared to what we all share, spiritually, anything closer to the surface than that fades away into nothing. I personally am so thankful that there ARE the differences there are among humanity- culturally, racially, in every way. Though these things have and continue to divide people in this world, I believe they can also bring so much meaning and richness, and have the potential to bring people closer...

JustMeWriting said...

Sheleth: lol...sometimes you just HAVE to go there...gotta take it back to church...thank you so very much for coming by and leaving your mark.

paleblue: you create a whole new conversation with ever comment...THANK YOU. and of course I agree with ALL OF THE ABOVE.