Thursday, March 22, 2007

What Women (ME) Want!?!?!?!?

Ok...since men had their say (via Yahoo) I think it's only fair I now tell what Women Want...(ok..what I want) but I'm sure my thoughts and feelings are shared by other (smart) women...LOL. just kidding ladies. But, i'm going to keep this REAL simple.

1) THE TRUTH... yes...seriously, I know it's said ALLLLLL the time...but goodness...just tell the a MAN about it... be TACTFUL and intelligent with it but tell me the truth...and NOT what you THINK I want to hear. I NEED to be able to trust your words...I want to rely on them (if I needed/wanted to)

2) THE TRUTH... (oh...I said that already...well it's SO important...that it takes the first and second spot)

3) THE TRUTH... ( just

3) Time and Patience...and I'm not talking about for/with me...but moreso for yourself. I've encountered TOO many men who just want to jump right into love and all its seriousness. Yes, things are good with us...yes we get along nicely...yes there are some sparks...but NO...we've not been here long, it really takes time to know a person enought to KNOW if you even WANT to love them. I need for men to take more time to get to know...that they know because once I've gone there I don't want to turn back and shouldn't have to (especially since they've CLAIMED to have already been THERE!!) Time and Patience brings more clarity (in my opinion).

4) The big C (COMMUNICATION) not to be confused with TRUTH...just because you told the TRUTH about something I've asked doesn't mean you've communicated freely. Basically, if you've got something on your mind... SAY IT (tactfully). If you're feeling somekinda way about something I've said or done... SAY IT;(what affects you might not me) so let me know...CLEARLY and RIGHT AWAY; don't let it fester and bring tension into things. We should be able to understand each other. In love we shouldn't be easily offended by our partner. There really shouldn't be anything that would hold your tongue between us...remember I'm loving you...all of you as you don't be afraid to talk to me. (not YOU but that's what I'd say to my boo...LOL).

5) All the little c's:
compromise -allow your understanding to help bring about a solution.
consideration-THINK about ME and MY (especially before you speak)
consciousness- WAKE UP BABY... there's a lot going on around attention!!! ccharisma- I love personality;CHARM ME... I think I can handle it.
character- Ohh those moral fibers of a man! Please be about SOMETHING!!!
cheerfulness- self explanatory... if my dude is up, it helps keep me up. THANK YOU!!
credit- $tability ( means of supporting US) since my credit SUCKS, it'd be nice if yours didn't
color... YES color I want him to be (lol) I want him to look good with everything...I want the sun to smile when he comes out...I want to find him delicious... that's that color I'm talking about.

There're lots of in between's ..but those are the basics...what do you guys and gals think?


hamil10 said...

I think you'll be single for a long, long, long, long, long, long time. just kidding. I believe you've hid the perverbial nail on the head. I'd like to add another "little - c" change... leave room to allow and accept change and growth in each other. That's something that was (another C) challenging for Travis and I. I've been with him since I was 17, I'm going on 33. There are times when he'll say... "that never used to bother you, or since when did you start liking that?" And i'll reply "since I've aged and had a few kids and all the stuff that happens when you GROW UP". Be willing to recognize growth and change and it's good to discuss them.

JustMeWriting said...
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JustMeWriting said...

HECK YEAH... hahaha CHANGE is something else. It's so hard to deal with sometimes. The smallest change can have your mind going in a million places...causing you to think the unthinkable....which reminds me of another little c (CONSISTENCY) that's actually a big C in my book... it's so important to be CONSCIOUS of your mate feelings and then be CONSIDERATE and COMPROMISE within that's a colorful man with character...LOL.


Anonymous said...

I love what you said for the most part but, can women really handle the truth as ugly as it may be. I think men shelter the woman in their lives in fear of she would break down if she knew blah. So,that a tuff one sometimes. Also, men may fear of losing rhe woman he with because the TRUTH was to much for her. Other than that I love this addition. Keep them coming

JustMeWriting said...

Well anonymous, that's SOO true and trial and error has shown me...that sometimes I CAN'T handle what I've asked for, but it served me better in the long run. THE LONG RUN is very important to give me what you've got to give me and let me deal with it how I will. I'd rather that then think something that's not true. Which is why I also why the bottom of #4 is SOOO important...because if I'm with someone who doesn't understand that I'm easy like Sunday morning and my love for him is strong enough to take his truth...then something else is wrong in that relationship.

all in all...I thank you for your input.

dc_speaks said...

Holy cow...This is one of the most thought provoking blogs i've seen in a while.

Since I know a little bit about you, obviously from what and how you write..I definitely don't see you as the easy as Sunday morning type that you alluded too, but we will just let that one slide.

Recently, I wrote a blog about acceptable lies in society and I'll deal with just that part right now for just a second.

I definitely think that you are capable of handling the truth, BUT a lot of women are only lying to themselves about wanting to hear it(the truth)..

Hamil10 had a number of great points and I definitely can see where growing can cause some breakdowns if its not communicated effectively.

an excellent post ma'am!

JustMeWriting said...

WHAT DC, lol. you KNOW I'm easy like Sunday morning...LOL. (ok...maybe Saturday afternoon)but I'M DEFINATELY A WEEKEND! lol...

thank you shuga dag...I guess the TRUTH don't always set you

Rich in the Stl said...

I rather enjoyed that. Good job.

JustMeWriting said...

well thank you so very much rich.

Lance said...

nice post on women/men comments are ditto from the men wants.

give/take, open your heart, go with the flow...

JustMeWriting said...

thank you much for your comment lance.