Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Well, I'll be out of the scene for a couple of days so I thought I'd just share some of my justmewriting collection. I hope you enjoy them.

'can you even spell it?'

what chu talkin bout, talkin bout you love me
what chu talkin bout, talkin bout you miss me
talkin bout you need me
talkin bout how sweet I pretty my face
talkin bout you close ya eyes and see me
what chu talkin bout
all that talkin you bout
always walkin out talkin bout you leavin me
what chu talkin bout...talkin out the side a ya mouth
talkin bout what chu know bout me...what chu like bout me
always talkin bout me
what chu talkin bout
talkin bout all ya friends know me
but you'nt ever show me
talkin bout you want to keep me seperate
talkin bout if you could you'd give me the moon
talkin bout marring me soon
what chu talkin bout.
talkin bout why you didn't call
talkin bout why we fell off
talkin bout how you wish you could take the bad back
what chu talkin bout...are you a liar or just confused
lay down the facts and talk bout that...
ohh but to some other chic...cause I'm sick a ya S%$@

I Am Poetry

My lips kiss me with words God gave to my mind
imprisoned in its expression
I speak it and it in me as we exchange our reality.

The rhythmic bat of my eyes are tuned tight as a guitar string
soothing with every blink

My hands touch softly giving off shocks of passion from my finger tips

My limber legs can climb over walls and wrap around a waist
as supportive as a belt with there dramatic embrace

My feet tread through water running down the nile
they flap through the breeze as they swing to the trees

My body is a motion, a movement, a wave
it beckons to poerty who responds with a save...
a rescue, a recovery
from the rest of the world
In the personal parts of me...I am poetry.


Anonymous said...

What's all this gibbarage u talkn bout? Heu, that was pretty good. Where are u going 4 a couple of days? tell me what cha talkn bout, I going to miss u that's what i'm talkn bout. so should I wait until u return? Is that what your talkn about. Please let a brotha know what you want to talk about.

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... well anon, never you mine where I'm just sit there knowin...that I'll be back 4 u (maybe). lol...thank you anon for the piece and the props.

Anonymous said...

If I'm already poetry how can you also be? Maybe we both are or perhaps one of us is more like spoken word...Wha u talkin bout?

dc_speaks said...

WHEW...It's getting hot in here...

should i just tell you and anon to get a room?...LOL

That was beautiful, T! Glad that you're back to posting on the blogs!

Enjoy yourself and have a wonderful time doing/going!

Peace and love!

JustMeWriting said...

LOL. RIGHT... what's up with that. NAW...I LOVE DA LOVE... hahah!

anon #2: I think I'll be the spoken word...or poetry in motion...oohhh, I like that, but since you were already call the shots. (me smiling)

thank you for your comment.

CapCity said...

Love to hear u 'spress yo'self SistahJMW! Thanx also for all the love u show me on my blog(s);-)!! Keep it coming, Sis! I may not always be able to comment - but u know I'm reading & singing my praises!

God knows I used to wish I were alive during the Black/Harlem Renaissance, but feel there's a New Black Renaissance gurgling to life now and I'm SO glad to be Alive & Well to witness & enjoy!

Hugz 2 u!

JustMeWriting said...

YES YES YES... girl, I feel the same way. WE ARE THE NEW MOVEMENT... we've just got to watch HOW we move. sistah, we inspire and encourage each other..and it sure feels good. I thank you MUCH.