Wednesday, April 4, 2007

and we wonder WHY?!?!?!

OK, (deep breath) WHAT THE LAHGLJHDAJLJSHJLGHJOAJKLHGJKLAHJKA (that's me yelling, cussing, puking and crying all at the same time)?????? The BOY performing is bad enough, but my OUTRAGE is at the ADULT who thought it proper to film this. I can hear it now..."go head quan (short for daquan) and do irreplacable...Ima film you" If I knew who/where this person was I'd slap them in the mouth. What are we as parent and adults doing with our children what are we/ARN'T we teaching them. The Bible (my favorite book) clearly states: Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs: 22:6) AND Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child; the rod of correction will drive it far from him. (Proverbs 22:15)

Now the problem is we (adults) are too busy running round thinking stuff like this is CUTE... same as having your foul mouthed 2 year-old cuss out your brother...right is right and WRONG IS WRONG no matter HOW OLD YOU ARE. Again I reiterate...TRAIN UP A CHILD... the programming starts in their YOUTH... it's too late after they've reached 12 and you're catching them with your thong on...talkin bout.."to da da left" but this time he's with lil Ron-ron from down the street...who's given it to him...'TO DA LEFT'... (don't be laughing)

Man, there's really no solution to this, so I guess I'll just hear what you guys have to say. There is however, that age old...'unconditional love' piece...HUM, YES love unconditionally, but don't produce 'bad' fruit (no I'm not calling the child bad) but we've got to look at what we're doing. HE WAS MADE A BOY TO GROW INTO A MAN, how DARE we intrude upon that... we should be warding OFF the attacks of the enemy against our children...not promoting foolishness.

OK...I'M DONE!!! sorry for any offense (if any was taken) but I'm trying to get back to my 'soldier' the army of the Lord.


hamil10 said...

Well... for some reason I was unable to view the clip, but from what I read, boy am I glad about it.

Too many things are taken for granted with these children. Too many parents are leaving the teaching of values to the media, and at the same time shifting the blame to them for their child's bad behavior.

We recently purchased the What's happening DVDs. My oldest daughter (age 9) had taken to trying to talk all sassy like Dee. I let it slide once. The second time I informed her that Dee collected a pay check for talking like that. She might get paid in a fat lip. The third time... I yoked her up cause she thought I was playing. I am proud to say... there hasn't been a fourth occurence. at least not in my presence.

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... yes, 'give da people what dey need'... lol. we've got to stop playen with our children and start praying with our children. talking to them being POSSITIVELY involved in their lives. thanks 10 for your comment.

CortneyGee said...

i guess the parent felt like their kids faggotry needed to be documented.. damn shame

dc_speaks said...

Cortney Gee is in da building too..what up, darkman?

ok, let me deal with this post properly without using profanity.

I couldn't agree with you more on being disgusted. Some idiotic adult thought that it would be funny to see some young boy perform a clearly female inspired music video knock off complete with homosexual inuendos. I am enraged and really can't comment more without using interjections.

Thanks for bringing this, along with sound biblical backing to the forefront.

Put that lil negro down in front of my posts today if you want him to see a video. Give him some schoo house rock to sing along with.

Great post, T.

Lo said...

Great post!!! That is so tragic, it defies description.

Thanks for putting this up, justmewriting. If nothing else, it's an argument for never letting another kid watch a music video again. At least, until they're old enough to be discerning.

CapCity said...

Didn't we learn ANYthing from Michael jackson being a child star? I'm telling u - lock your precious children away from the world until u have trained/vaccinated them against the ails of this sick society where "any & everything" is alright. Lord, please help US all! God bless the Child that's got his own...MIND! Because too many of the parents of today have lost theirs....SMH...

Shai said...

Who filmed this? Was it his relatives or what?

Are the men outraged at this because of homophobia?

Girl or boy, they should not be imitating these Beyonce videos. I find it interesting across the Net how folks pointing to the boy having gay tendencies.

JustMeWriting said...

CG: LOL... at the WORD faggotry (yes...what a shame)

DC: YES, YES, YES... It renders me speechless TOO. and heck yeah on the School house stuff...cause I sure loved it (today)

Lo: YES's mind boggling how far we've GONE away from traditional values an upbringing methods. vidoes have gone crazy and the parents have allowed their kids to go crazy with them.

CC: YES (lol) I know I keep saying that, but you guys are so on point. but the worst part you can't lock them up away from the world, because in most cases it's what's in their HOUSE that's creating the problem. If I PROPERLY teach and prepare for sons for the world...the world can do them NO HARM...because they've got their armor on.

Shai: THAT'S MY QUESTION, and then displayed it across the world for all the pervs to see. I totally agree with EITHER sex watching those video's they are NOT for children. But I do think the focus is the display of homosexuality.

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