Friday, April 6, 2007

MAD ABOUT THE BOY-We love you Calvin!!!

My blogger sistah did a post on the death of Calvin Lockhart, which I knew NOTHING of until I read her post...I'm STILL broken up about it...cause Lawd knows I lubbed me some, um, um. The Boy was just super bad. So to honor him AGAIN, (piggybacking off CC) here's a lil more Calvin (well as much as I can find)!
P.S. the below clip contain photo's of other icons as well with Sam Cooke on the cover (I LOVE HIM TOO) and I do believe that's Dinah Washington singing...enjoy!!!

Calvin Lockhart:
born: September, 18 1934
astrology: Virgo
birth place: Bahamas
cause of death: Complications from a stroke

mini bio: before acting he was in the construction business; was later discovered by playwright Ketti Frings while he was driving a taxi for a living. She was said to be so impressed with his arrogance that she cast him in the play "The Cool World" in 1960 and the sexy legend was born.

personal: He was married to a woman also from the west indies and had three children.

career: over 40 film, theatre and television roles to his credit

trivia: was the first black actor to play leads with the royal shakespear company in england.


dc_speaks said...

nothing wrong with the piggy back option.

well researched post with the youtube, T.

Keep em coming.

CapCity said...

I agree with DC, JMW - keep the love flowing! Brother Calvin's life nor death offered the shenanigans of our brother J.B. so, I guess the media didn't find him sensational enough. But, Calvin Lockhart deserves all the tributes we can provide! I'm loving yours, sis!

JustMeWriting said...

lol...well thank you guys; I'm just conditioned to giving acknowledgement where it's due.

thanks and... 'never have so few owed so much to so many' (calvin's word as he left the madam zenobia robbery)!