Monday, April 9, 2007


Ok, I'm going to own my easily agitated persona, but I'm blaming it on wisdom (or ol age). I thought if I let some of this stuff out someone would be sympethic enough to start a support group or SOMETHN!!! So, here is my top 10 list of crap that manages to piss me off from day to day.

1) People who use their chirp phone (AT FULL VOLUME) on the BUS/TRAIN! PLEASE!!! Nobody want's to hear that but YOU!

2) Rude/unpleasent customer service reps. If you don't want to SERVE the CUSTOMER...QUIT!!! (a future blog topic)

3) Mother's who watch their kids do stuff they're not supposed to do, but don't say a word; then look at you nastily because you're looking at them. (I'd like to slap them)

4) People who wear too much jewelry. (LOL...sorry, but come on people do you REALLY need all that?!?!?!)

5) When the circular ad's have a sale on something they DON'T have in the store. (you try to be the first one there and for NOTHING...take it out the damn paper then)

6) People who call me back before the alloted 5 minutes I requested...seriously what's so important that you can't wait FIVE FRIGGEN MINUTES.

7) People who act like they know SOOO much about you based on NOTHING. Sir/Mame, we met ONCE for an hour,please don't run up on me asking about my kids and mom like we grew up together.

8) People who give thoughtless gifts. Ok, I know that sounds cold, but if I've professed my allergy to flowers, why keep giving them to me...THINK! LOL!

9)People who are (I can't even call it) but they try to agree with you so much...they're right on top of your words as you're getting them out; just mindless.

10) Women who come outside looking worse then they did when they went to bed the night before. Stop is LADIES, have some care about your appearance!

ok...whew, I'm glad I got that off my chest...I'm sure there like 14 other things that could have gone ahead of these, but this is what it is FOR NOW! What are some of your peeves


Shai said...

I feel ya chile. LOL.

My biggest pet peeve is folks on their cellphones so fucking loud in public. It never fails on the bus, there are at least two folks on the phone. And why folks gotta have their ringtones so damn loud.

I have another pet peeve, people making assumptions about me then tripping when I correct them.

I have ton too. I will stop here or my comments will become a blog post. LOL. I have been wanting to do my pet peeve list again with new items.

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... YES GIRL on the cell phone thing...I SOOO wish I was the driver, because I'd throw them all the heck off. lol...just crazy.

OH YEAH...GOOD ONE on the assumptions, like come on dude/dudetta you don't REALLY know me. lol. YEAH, get that list girl, I can't wait to check it out...and thanks for the comment (and the first) lol!

Sheletha said...

People who give thoughtless gifts. Ok, I know that sounds cold, but if I've professed my allergy to flowers, why keep giving them to me...THINK! LOL!

#1 hated thoughtless gift.

scented victoria secret bath/shower gel gift set.
first of all...I don't wanna go around smelling like a damn pear. Not to mention I may be allergic to all the differnt chemicals that they put in those creams.

those things have nothing to do with my personality.

i think something like like that is highly subjective, let me pick out the flavor i wanna smell like. you're getting it just cause its on sale, and easy to get.

dc_speaks said...

well well...this is funny!

I think my biggest peeve(though I have tons as well) would be in making uninvited visits without calling.

Certainly my number 1!!

CapCity said...

I allow very little to bother me anymore - getting better at breathing exercises & keeping a good book handy for the STOOOOOPPPIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDD shyt that's PROMISED as we interact w/the public:-). I will not allow my stress level to increase to the point that I get sick cuz of the clowns around me:-). thank GAWD for my iPod when I must take public transpo! Oh - and keep some good smelling something handy for all the STANK Azzzezzzz that surround us in public. LOL!

Hmmm, Sistah JMW- u gave me a blog topic: TIPS to keep U from GOING The HALE off on the craziness that surrounds us on the daily (specially useful here in nyc:-). LOL!

CapCity said...

I found this on MSN today & thought of this post (hmmm, in light of that Imus thang I may have to cancel my - anywho): Stress Relief Techniques.
Enjoy. LOL!

Shai said...

Cap, there is alot out there vying to mess with my psyche and sometimes I can take so much. Venting and other stuff does help. But come on you mean to tell me nothing gets to you. LOL.

CapCity said...

Shai, i didn't say "nothing" got to me - i said i'm getting better at using the breathing & relaxation techniques that I've learned;-).

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... thanks CC for the stress link. Lord knows we need it, because the world has gone completely crazy. I remember a "friend" called me a Rock, because she felt like I always acted as if NOTHING got to me. Ironicly, I was hurt by that simple statement and the idea of being so-cold. I told's not that NOTHING effects me, I've just learned to cut out the middle man. I've been talking to God all my life (the most of it) and I've grown quite accustomed to doing so. When problem arise I go to Him FIRST, so by the time I get to tell my friends and family it's just a story instead of a problem.

JustMeWriting said...

OH...THANKS for the comments guys.

hamil10 said...

My biggest peeve is profanity in general conversation... I think there are better/smarter ways to say things and why folks think its okay to just use it liberally anytime/anywhere escapes me. What's worse is when you ask them not to, they say their "keepin it real." It's just "real" ignorant to me.

JustMeWriting said...

OOOHHH...thank you ham (lol) yeah, that annoys me too, but more importantly you reminded me of my NEW #1 peeve. a serious drumroll for this one.

WHY DO PEOPLE USE "I'm just keeping it real" as an excuse to be ignorant and inappropriate. there just keeping it real stupid.

dc_speaks said...

that is hilarious, T. I almost spit coffee on my screen when I read that.

JustMeWriting said...

lol...dc: you must know just what I'm talking about...I HATE when people do that...and since I can't resist fighing against stupidity I always end up arguing with them about it... LOL.

KIKI said...

One peeve of mine is when someone walks up while you're in the middle of a conversation with someone and interrupts without an "excuse me" or "sorry to interrupt"; just starts talking about absolutely nothing like no one was saying anything when they walked their ignorant rude azz up!

JustMeWriting said...

OH YES KIKI, that's another good one...just rude because they feel like it. lol...thank you for the comment.

Lola Gets said...

My #1 Hated Thoughtless Gift is ANYTHING scented! Perfume, cologne, lotion, bath salts, bath oils, hell anything for the bath, cause I cant use it! Im allergic to it all! And Im not quiet about it either, so everyone who knows me should know this. Hmpf.

JustMeWriting said...

LOL. THANK YOU the bottom line is they'd BETTA ask what you like and give the gift some THOUGH. lol. thank you for your visit and leaving your mark.