Wednesday, May 23, 2007

HEADACHE!!! (no, seriously...I have a headache)

I've been working in the advertising field for over 6 years now, and I've got some things to get off my chest:

Advertising Politicians:

This always comes up around election time of course...these people go all out to get their face all out, and with no reduction in cost. It's a comepitive world so whatever the other guy is doing..."WE WANT IT TOO". If the opponent is on a bus..."I WANT TO BE ON A BUS", if the opponent is on a billboard..."I WANNA BE ON THAT TOO". There's NO originality or creative effort given, not to mention petitioning for thousands of dollars to expose yourself...then can't fund the matters raised once in office. I'm not a very patriotic person and can't really tolerate politicians so maybe I just hate seeing their pseudo smiles looking down at me...anyway, I want them to STOP advertising.

Advertising Churches:

Ahhh, I'm going to TRY to maintain a level head with this, but I seriously doubt I'll be able to contain myself. There has been an uprising of Churches doing advertising for their ministries and facilities. Like any other BUSINESS, the church has felt the sting of competition, but with whom, the world or other churches??? This subject has made me sore a many a night...Business matters are to be handeled as such, but the Church spending so much money to advertise is an offense to me. Again, there's such greater use for these thousands but the greater problem is what's being advertised; churches are doing ad campaigns with their CHURCH as the target..."COME HERE"... "NO, COME HERE" ...."HERE IS BETTER"..."THE BLESSINGS ARE HERE" (these aren't real taglines, but the premise remains. This mode of opperation should never exist within the structure of the 'Church', which is just the assembled Body of Christ...gathered together on one accord. The greater good of the assemblymen would be to call people to Christ and not the building they minister from. I've actually been working on a campaign to counter this particular pain in my side, so hopefully I'll have some good details to follow.

Anyway...these are just some of the nuisances of my work day. The first picture needs no explanation, and the second one is an ad campaign done for Adidas...I love the creativity of that ad.


Opinionated Diva said...

The first ad definitely made me smile, but the second ad is just too damn gynormous! Big is not ALWAYS better.

In NY/NJ, right around 9/11 there is always the following ad [IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING!]. It's posted on buses, lamp posts, public telephones, subway cars, train stations, etc. etc.

I get it...but is it really necessary??!! Because of that ad overkill, someone at work saw the tiniest bit of white stubstance on top of the tissue holder in the bathroom. They said something. We shut down the bathroom. People started evacuating because they thought was some kind of contanimating substance that would make us all sick or die. You know what it was??!! Residue from the damn tissue!!

Opinionated Diva said...

Take some Aleeve for that headache. That's some good stuff. You will forget your head was ever bothering you!

JustMeWriting said...

GIRL... You just made my head hurt MORE with that story...OMG. Mass hysteria at it's best...and that's ALL we've had SINCE 9/11 and I see no end in sight. Thank you darling...I'm listenting to Byron Cage and about to take some advil, PLUS it's a holiday weekend, so...that thought does my head

nic said...

That first one had me dying. Probably cause that's how I always imagined god speaking. Always slightly preturbed with me. But giving me a chance to clean up my act ;) Does anyone else think that god might sound like Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air'?

Yeah, I'm sleepy.

JustMeWriting said...

LOL...nic, you so silly...I think God might sound like uncle rukus (no relation)...that would be a joy, because i'd be able to crack up in Heaven.

Nic said...

Yes Girl,

Advil is my s***. Why would they make the coating taste like candy. lol!

Or, wait...

Are you playing the 'let's act sick now, so nobody will be suspicious when I don't come in to work on Friday game?

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... nic, I really can't stand you... because I say the same thing about that advil...I've never had a more delicious I'm going to enjoy a couple right Nope...luckily for me, we get off at 2:00 so I can deal with a half day...

nic said...


Well I hope you feel better. If the Advil doesn't work go to Rita's and get a medium half green apple half passion-fruit water ice. I promise it will make you feel better.

But don't let the kiddies know, or they'll be on your heels talkin' bout "Umm, I wonder what that taste like", & "Ohh, can I have some?"
Then you're going to have to deal with a couple of hyper boys, and that's not going to help your headache at all.


JustMeWriting said...

LOL... I know that's right always seem to have something they've 'never tasted before' Man, my babies are almost grown...I feel like the girl from Women of Brewster's Place when she said..."I need a new baby-doll (child)" but NOT!
thanks lady...I'm feeling better already.

mark said...

JMW the things you mentioned about the church spending money on advertising is something I find repulsive.

These mega churches make me sick to it is more than obvious to me that those mega churches are not the way to go.

Good post JMW

JustMeWriting said...

YES MARK...and I can understand...if the annointing is all over you and people are draw to you...that's WONDERFUL. I mean, if Christ had a chuch (in one building) it'd be a mega church like no other, but I'm sure the gospel would be about the gospel...the focuse would be on salvation not where you GOT your salvation... there's just a difference to me, but yet another thing that ruffles my feathers in this world.

mark said...


mark bey: Another reason why I am pissed at the black church is this.

Most of the preachers are Men and its been that way since weve been in this country. Now, most of the preachers are men, but black womens energies, love and passion are largely responsible for the strenght of the church. This includes finacing the preachers lavish salaries.

The preachers lifestyles are finaced to a large degree by black womans support but the church has not articulated a powerful and charismatic message to influence more black men to make providing for thier families THE PRIORITY in thier lives. To be responsible fathers for thier daughters but to deffinately teach thier sons to be great fathers.

Another thing that irks me is this when I ride the metro I see black women reading the bible a lot more than any other group of people, if I see this so do the preachers and they still have not articulated a powerful message to get more brothas to be championship fathers.

JMW we should force the black church to debate these issues in public and destroy them intellectually with the purpose of forcing every black preacher/church to become progressive.

Also the preachers should not be allowed to take in salary anymore than the average black person makes.

This would force the preachers to demand higher standards in education for the entire black community and higher standards for brothas to be championship fathers.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, you have not spoken. But I hear you. And it makes my ears bleed. Or perhaps it is my eyes that are pained by your unimaginative finger dance. You live your life inside quotation marks, as you have never dared to be yourself, but more importantly to think for yourself. I pity the mirror that you are; merely reflecting the senses around you. Should we even search for you? Is there a point? Will your shadow leave our feet? Raped by the banality of your hackneyed mimicry, we stand annoyed.

Please advise.

JustMeWriting said...

AAAAHHHH... we're cooking with grease...LOL
Salary, but I'm going to address those points orderly.

Women vs. Men within the church:
Ok, I don't have a problem with women being the core, for lack of a better word, of the church...we're the natural nurturer, so that's what we matter the place. Most churchs DO have some initiative geared toward the betterment of the Male figures within the church, however this effort is thwarted by the high cost of attendence, which brings me to my favorite point (brought up by you) SALARY/FINANCES

God said bring the tithes (money) into His house so that there could be FOOD in His house...NOT cathedral ceilings and Gold trimming on the pulpit and the preacher to live lavishly after only servicing for about 8 hours per week. N0-N0-NA-NA (lol S.N.) I'm trying to refrain from using too many with the trivia going on and all, but the preachers prosper as the people suffer and that was not the plan.

After all the money that has been poured into the church by the people...what are the people getting that they have to pay for.

mark said...

Another thing that irks me is this when I ride the metro I see black women reading the bible a lot more than any other group of people, if I see this so do the preachers and they still have not articulated a powerful "

mark bey: What I meant to say by this statement is this, If I see black women on the metro studying to get closer to god so does everyone else.

If black women are showing this type of committment more than everyone else to god and the church then I believe the preachers should be jumping up and down in the pulpit to get brothas who aint taking care of their children to make taking care of children thier undisputed priority.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

The second picture made my left eye hurt.

mark said...

" Ok, I don't have a problem with women being the core, for lack of a better word, of the church...we're the natural nurturer, so that's what we matter the place"

mark bey: JMW I know most churches have innititives to help brothas progress into family and responsible men, but what is going on with the amount of brothas not living up to their responsiblity is reprehensible and totally unfair to black women.

Also I have no problem with black women bieng the back bone of the church but on the other hand the preachers should now where thier bread is buttured and put 1 billion percent of thier energy and intelligence into getting more support for these women raising children alone from the fathers.

JustMeWriting said...

Mark...the most of the preachers don't even tell the men to not sleep with other men, let alone taking care of business with their women, but that another story for another day.

anon: WOW... those were some serious words...I thank you (I think) LOL

dive: lol...I sorry you're eye's were made to hurt, but I'm glad you came back. lol.

dc_speaks said...

wow...thats a deep post.

oooooooh weee. that was pretty good.

Honey-Libra said...

That first one had me crackin up I've seen some funny ones on church bulletin boards I tell ya...i guess folks tend to think more about the mighty dollar than the big picture but that's how it is..sad.

KIKI said...

Dang it...that first one's got me I gotta act right...geesh...thanks Just LOL!

Seriously, great post. Would say more, but gotta finish up some work so I can take my butt home.

JustMeWriting said...

dc: thank you kindly

honey-libra: yes...there's a whole series of those ads but I like them better then the ones showing pastors and their churches.

kiki: YEAH... I think that's what it's supposed to do...that's why I actually like that series of ads...and they were very creative.

deepnthought said...

Ok. Why is it that when I came by here earlier this post wasnt here. I dont appreciate that. lol.

Now with that being said, I love this post. I like the first pic and the second one made me go, whoa. I want to do that one day. lol

Now, because of my own background and field, I tend to steer away from commenting about salary's and such, well because, I do. And for the fact that I have some different views that aren't always accepted.

But, I will say this, I think that sometimes pastors get caught up in the hype that is larger numbers than the purpose We are here to give a message that says God can deliver, set free, and uplift. Not compete for members. I would say more but I dont want to offend. So I will say good post.

Mega Rich said...

I didn't read through all the other comments, but you know the deal. It's all about money. Sadly, even in the church. I'm leaving mine becasue they are so focused on being a Mega Church and less focused on helping the people. In the last year we have had dinners at fancy restaurants, banquets at hotels, concerts, you name it. But let somebody be about to lose their house, then they get all spiritual and talk about stewardship and tithes and offerings. Don't get me started on d'em nigga's. (yeah, I said it.)

Ab said...

About the church thing, yes. But I thought only th Pendecostal churches in Kerala had it....

Which company put in the first (God's) ad?

and, I wonder if advertising gets better than this. Ads from three airline companies. check it out

JustMeWriting said...

deep: I know what you mean...and we've dabbled in this area a tiny bit and I'm sure we'll venture there again, and I'm never offended...I love sharing different views and yeah, girl I got a late start yesterday...but I KNEW you'd have come back (betta had) lol.

Rich: YEAH... it's a mess sometimes, I KNOW it's not all, everywhere, but it's too many in my opinion and we've got to get it together. I've been thinking about leaving mine too, but I'm waiting for God to drop a ton a bricks on my head. I also can't stand when the politicians come to the Mega churches to solicit votes.

ab: hey you...well, I think that's the only religious ad of it's kind, but I'm in Philly and pretty much all the churches are advertising on billboards or makes me sick everytime.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. You would think that congregations (of all people) would not miss the message in favor of transmission.

How did Jesus get the word out? John the Baptist from prison sent word by his disciples to ask Jesus if he was the one for whom they had been waiting. Jesus sent these men back to him and said, basically, tell him about the things you've seen me do: healing the sick, bringing sight to the blind, feeding the hungry.

Faith without works is dead.
Advertising without substance is worthless.
The best example to follow is the Lord's.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I'm with Deepnthought. This wasn't here yesterday...was it?

JustMeWriting said...

soj.g: stop giving away bible trivia answers...LOL! Just kidding, but you never know that MIGHT have been a question...hahahah. You're so so right dude and that's what I'm talking about...we're living in a time of peril...people don't need to see your face on the side of a bus with the name of your church...then need to see a message from the Lord (it's subjective what we consider a message from the Lord to be), but I know the intent of those doing business with my company and it come down to just having their face/name/church up in lights.

JustMeWriting said...

Well, if I didn't have to spend so much time giving YOU TWO hints at the bible trivia then I'd be posting earlier...LOL...(OK...THAT A LIL WHITE LIE) LOL.

dc_speaks said...

how's that headache today?

MzCoko said...

I've seen those God ads. I love them.. they have them all over Detroit. One says something along the lines of "stop using my name in vain" more witty of course lol.. And that soccer ad is cool... probably would have scared me while I was driving tho.. I would have thought a giant was falling lol

JustMeWriting said...

dc: It's better thank you...I'm sure I'll need some drugs in a bit though.

mzcoko: YEAH... I've seen a bunch of them but only in pictures...they don't have them up here, but I love them too. One of my favorites says, "Thanks for Inviting my to the wedding, don't forget to invite to the Marriage".

mark said...

JMW Im glad your feeling better.

JustMeWriting said...

well thank you kindly darling... I'm glad's actually from a toothache, so I'll be making a dentist apt...(not happy bout that)

CapCity said...

Whew - it's hot up in her' taDAY, Sistah JMW:-). Just want to add my two cent about the mega churches - IT's JUST SAD that spirituality is Fo' SALE, now. I love my church because it continues to live upto it's history. It uses it's political positioning for good (as far as I can tell - especially with trying to maintain SOME affordable housing in Harlem, attempting to guide our youth & even sending legal support for those in need). But, I put my Faith in The Creator before I put it into fallible Huemans.

JustMeWriting said...

YES...I KNOW THAT'S RIGHT CAP...and that's why I don't like when people turn their back on God because the pastor turned out to be a hypocrit, or because their church family turned their back on them. Your relationship should be with the Lord not that man, or his building or congragates.

Sheri said...

I know I am late but...You and I have have discussed this before and I understand and repect your opinion. Yes, sometimes there are some underlying motives for mass advertising but sometimes it may be genuine...or at at least I would like to think it is.

Many chuches are doing many things differently...society needs this. Is it okay for the churches to gather around a school and pray for violence that has affected it directly and indirectly? Is it okay for the chuches both big and small to commune together and pray on every corner for the violence to stop? Is it ok for a church to pass out free bottled water to those in the summer with the church logo on it and a message? In my opinion, the answer is yes to all of the above. We, you and I, know about God, know his power, know his grace and know his love. As unfortunate as it may seem we both know that there are those whom don't have a clue. Don't know where to start looking. How many times have I heard I need to get back into church but I need to find one. How many times have I heard...I am really NOT feeling large churches especially not mega churches, I myself am guilty of saying that one but today I am a memeber of one. Why, because that is where I feel most blessed. That is where i learn the most about God (there and my Bible Trivia..LOL) Do I believe that that was the ultimate goal of the church was that of a Mega church? No, of course not. In my opinion some are truly blessed with God's annointing, you can't fault the Pastor, Minister, or Bishop for the growth that they have brought to the congration.

Ok...I could go on and on and on...but my point is this. God has a purpose for everything. He USES every situation and every circumstance be it good or bad. Although you don't agree with the form of advertising you have to remember that maybe the message is not sent for you. You are not lost but there is that someone who is...that person standing on the corner selling their soul and stuggling to survive may need to see the advertisment and at that moment they will realize that there has to be a better way. In everything there is a purpose. Trust God...

JustMeWriting said... normally I'd argue this to no end (you know I'ma know it all) LOL, but you're right and there are some who are just so annointed that they have the vision to use what God gave them to get what God wants...and that's a wonderful power in that I applaud (you know I love him) lol, but no all do what they do for that reason...for so many, so much is wasted.

Growth is a blessing and if a chuch is blessed to grow to the capacity of a Mega Church, I'd like to think it's due to divine order and favor from the Lord, but that's usually when the devil see's fit to intervene...that's when vanity and greed kicks in...and that's become the mode of operation for too many pastors; something easily determined by how they keep their 'house'...the 'house' of the Lord. Order is in order and they've got to not look at who's coming in, but how are they going out...let that be the focus...then bring in more.

we'll talk more about this on Saturday...SIKE.. WE'LL BE TOO BUSY

THANKS were late but it was worth it.