Thursday, May 31, 2007


I was just having two in my office and the other via email, based on them, I'd like to ask these two random questions:

1) What's worse having a bunch of abortions or a bunch of kids unproperly cared for?

2) If you had a voodoo doll, playfully used it and found IT WORKED, would you use it again?


anonymousnupe said...

Can't undo the abortions, but the situation with the children can conceivably be rectified. And nah, if I had the stupidity to use the doll "playfully" the first time and found that it worked, I'd be terrified. But how would I dispose of it, then? Couldn't burn it or rip it apart, lest the target suffer similar fates, right? Hmmm. Perplexing. Just say "no" to scary-looking little Raggedy Anne-type dolls.

mark said...

"1) What's worse having a bunch of abortions or a bunch of kids unproperly cared for?"

mark bey: Worse is having the kids because they can go on to produce more dysfunctional people or kill other people.

JustMeWriting said...

anonupe: LOL... THAT'S EXACTLY HOW THE OFFICE CONVO WENT...hahahah. A coworker bought me a voo-doo doll as a gag gift and I DON'T PLAY with that kind of stuff...I didn't want to throw it away so It's in my office. Well a couple people were in here talking about...'suppose you used it, but it effected the wrong person?' We then went through what would happen if we tried to reverse things...well it was TOO funny...yeah, I'm even a clown at work.

mark: I'm with you on that...that's why there are so many children in foster homes now...people just carelessly having child after child and...they mess up their lives then leave them for someone else...just a mess.

Ms. Behaving said...

I'd have to agree with Mark in saying that I think it's worse having a bunch of kids that are unproperly cared for as opposed to having a bunch of abortions.

As far as having a voodoo doll that I playfully used and found out it worked (hey....exactly what in the world could have even brought on this thought), I'd likely be too damn scared to even toy around with it the first time so thinking of using it a second would very likely for me, NOT EVEN BE AN OPTION.

Shai said...

Mark: I agree with the bunch of kids, my spin on it would be the kids not getting their needs met and suffering. Kids should not suffer. I am more concerned with them first.

I would use the voodoo doll. God forgive me on a handful of folks. LOL.

Mega Rich said...

Having the bunch of kids is worse. You only affect yourself with the abortions.

Depends on who the voodoo doll worked on would determine if I would use it again. -- Funny thing. I dated this Cuban (she looked black) when I was in college and one of my boys used to joke with her about voodoo. He got on her nerves so bad, that she went through the trouble to make a voodoo doll for him and told him if he didn't do a certain ritual for a week, it would be real bad for him. She was just joking, but he didn't mess with her anymore after that.

The OE said...

Number two would definitely come make a secret agent's wetwork much easier

CapCity said...

Sistah JMW - I don't play w/ hoodoo or other spiritual beliefs...heck, I'm FINALLY learning to channel & use my OWN beliefs to make my reality what I want!

AND Guuuurrrrrrllllll - U gotta stay outta my head regarding the kidz. I WAS JUST THINKING today about all these TERRIBLE parents who tell me (& other childless friends)"You just DON'T know..." I'm thinking - by the looks of your BAD AZZZ kidz U DON'T EITHER! LOL!

And....uh, Rich - why u had to justify, by saying your girl looked Black? LOL! Living here in NYC - i've learned SO MANY cultures Look Black & SO many Cultures tell me I "look" 'them'! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Abortions worse. God knew us in our mother's womb and numbers the very hairs on our head.
Children can be rescued from everything but death.

I wouldn't want anything to do with the voodoo doll. I've been weak before.

Michelle said...

wow these two questions really get u thinking!

I think abortion is a henious crime...i would never do that and as for the voodoo doll, again, i wouldn't use it magic can be tricky :)

btw new change in url

JustMeWriting said...

ms.b: LOL... YES, girl I told that voodoo story right above you...because you'd betta know It wasn't coming from something I'm into...LOL. I DON'T PLAY WITH THAT STUFF, but it was a funny thought and you know how easy people can be tempted into doing wrong. So, to find that thing REALLY many people would probable wrestle day and night with 'TO OR NOT TO' use it. I'm sure a lot of ex's would be first on the list...LOL.

shai: LOL...DAG, A HANDFUL...well I'm staying on your good side...HAHAHAH.

rich: LOL... yeah, but that's the problem...once you know it'd be using it to boost your place in line at starbucks...LOL.

Cap: YEAH... the kid thing is NO JOKE... so many of our children are being failed by their own parents...that's just crazy.


michelle: hey lady, and tricky ain't the're just doing yourself in. thanks for the new address.

mark said...


I would use the Voodo Doll to make all of the preachers do right.

JustMeWriting said...

LOL...mark, that would be um...a good wrong I guess...LOL.

SweetDreams said...

Abortion is such an awful alternative, especially now that we've entered an era where unwanted pregnancy is preventable. God help us all, thanks to the terrible choices of so many we all must suffer their mistakes.

ooooh, I would only do lovely wicked things if I had such a doll.

JustMeWriting said...

yes's a very terrible thing but the only REAL way to prevent EITHER problem is not having unprotected sex...or NOTHING at all...(see next post...LOL).

LOL. see, it's be so easy to get wrapped up in that thing for real, but I'm TOO scared to even attempt.

SLUMP FACADE said... answer your questions,

1) Having a bunch of abortions by yourself...


2) Having a bunch of kids and not knowing who the baby daddy's are?

JustMeWriting said...

well you're right about that sir...they're BOTH shamful places to be, but it bes that way sometimes.

dc_speaks said...

abortions hurt..deeply.

don't believe in voodoo?

JustMeWriting said...

dc: YES.. they're all terrible places to be.

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Now that first one is a real bad one! The second one makes you think.

On the voodoo doll, I would be inclined to NOT use the thing. Karma comes back real fast and REAL hard. But then that disposal problem is the thing that really catches you up. Unless of course it was somebody I REALLY despised...maybe.

The kid issue is just another horrible Binary Choice. I would choose to sew her ass up but that ain't one of the choices (too bad you can't sew the ding ding up, some dudes REALLY need that!)
I would have to say that having the kids is worse. Not to say that abortion is a good alternative, but I have seen too many broken families, too many broken people and generational dysfunction as a result of having kids this way.

JustMeWriting said... just agreeing with me all over the place...LOL. Yeah, I totally agree with your whole last statement.

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