Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lyrically Affected #1 (The Shames of Love)


The following words are lyrics to one of my all-time favorite songs. I've said before how important music is to my just calls to my innards (LOL). This will also begin a series of post (I actually wanted to do it in a new blog, but don't want you guys doing all that extra word...LOL). Anyway...I loved this song long before I knew what its love was about, but once I KNEW...I KNEW... and the shame covered me for loving even its words; verse 1:

Girl, just take some time
Let me try to find the words I wanna say to you
I been searchin' my mind
I got to find the reasons I feel the way I do
Let me emphasize that I recognize
What I should and should not do
And though I know it's wrong
Every now and then I phone
Just to talk to you

Ummmm...those words are so powerful to me; they speak of some serious feelings...the shameful feelings of a secret love. That crazy crave that can only be comforted by the tone of that voice; the sweet hearing from those lips; verse 2:

Sometimes you cross my mind
And I don't know why
But I hear from you
And though I want to stay close
I realize the most we'll ever be is good friends
I got kids at home
I can't leave them alone
This I'm telling you
I've got another life
Cause I still love my wife
Though I still want you

Why are things so stong...why is the connection so tight...why are they thinking bout them, while them thinking bout they...what a shame for so many to lose so much; the pain of this love. It's a shame to have to remove such a fullfilling thought from your mind, to have to considering forgetting something so right, because it's so wrong; a shame to be the loved or the wanted, because somebodies missing something even if it's just a little piece; bridge

Sometimes love
Has no rhyme, and no reason
Even if we try to be cool
At the strangest times
Love can make a connection
If you trust your heart to choose

It's a shame to have to choose, but even more when you can't...nothing seems to makes sense to you...there's no rhyme or reason for anything in this strange place you'd call happiness. I'd like for the moral implications of this song to be the cause of my dislike, but it's a shame how much I love(d)it and him.

p.s. imeem takes a minute to load, but if you can...wait. (smile)


Anonymous said...

Wow. I know this song. I love this song. Second to EWF, I have more George Duke in my collection than anything else.

And you know what, I never paid attention to the words of this. It seems complimentary to my current post. Wow. We do connect.

Very good stuff Shug!

Opinionated Diva said...

I can't listen to the song at work...but these lyrics almost seem like the flip side to G's poem.

hmmmmmmmmm...whatchall got going on over there?!

I'm JUST KIDDING...see how rumors start?

Opinionated Diva said...

and why is the timing three hours off on your posts...aint you in Philly Miss Lady?

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... at both of you...ok

soj.g: SERIOULSY, I'm about to check it out now. Yeah, I've always loved this song and never paid attention to the words either, but wow when you do.

op.d: HAHAHAH! YEAH, 'look at all dem rumors round me everyday'...LOL. Girl, I don't know what the deal it with this thing...I'm still tryna figure this stuff out and yeah, I'm in philly or should I say...KILLADELPHIA.

Opinionated Diva said...

Ohhhhhhh...and I read G's post AFTER I posted mine.'s that whole GMTA thing goin on!

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... girl, I just read your post and didn't even think about that, BUT NOW....HUM....LOL.

DJ Black Adam said...

Talk about odd, I JUST downloaded that song on Sunday!

JustMeWriting said...

DAG... maybe great minds think matter where they are...LOL, but it's a GREAT song, so it's no wonder.

mark said...

Yo JMW as a songwriter/poetry writer I have a deep connection with lyrics.

"It's a shame to have to remove such a fullfilling thought from your mind, to have to considering forgetting something so right, because it's so wrong;"

mark bey: Ahhhhh. If only humans biengs could have a special day or week when we could participate in practice any kind of debauchery we want do think we would have these problems.

Also as far as bieng in loved with/wanting another goes while you are currently with someone.
Alls I can say is this careful what you wish for, if you leave one spouse for another person you may find out that the new ones bad habbits or things you dont like about them are worse than the things about your current love interest.
Likewise the after the initial infatuation of the "new" woman wears off you may find that thier good points arent as good as your originals

Sugar said...

Girl, I remember hearing this song EVERY SUNDAY on the jazz session on a station in Columbia, South Carolina when I was in high school and LOVING IT!!!!! I even heard it recently and was telling Spice, "Ooooh girl! There's my song! I haven't heard this in forever!" BUT, I HAD NEVER TRULY LISTENED TO THE WORDS, and I daggone sure hadn't READ THEM!!!

You have just broken the spell that it indeed had me under as well! "Calling to my innards" (lol) too! That's why I ALWAYS tell people to really listen to the words of a song. I think it's the mellow tune of this song and George's voice that pulls you in. Oh, the horror!!! lol

Thanks for the enlightenment. And, I have to admit. I love the song so much, I started listening before I even started reading the post! (lol)

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Great lyrics!

nic said...

It wont play, but the lyrics are nice. When you gonna put a poll up?

nic said...

It wont play, but the lyrics are nice. When you gonna put a poll up?

JustMeWriting said...

mark: ALL of those words are so very true...the grass is never really greener, you just need to take dem shades, but it's really no laughing matter and there never a reason to get yourself in a situation like's never worth it at all. I'd never want another womens husband, althought when my ex-x got married I found myself in this very place, him having been the love of my life, but STILL right is right and it wins out everytime.

sugar; LOL... FIRST: I can't believe you listened
But even though it's talking about something wrong, I still see such purity in it...the feelings seems so true...that's the trick of the song...LOL.

JustMeWriting said...

nic: don't be asking the same question twice...LOL. I don't know how,...ok, I'm going to check it out now and do one.

diva: yeah...they are something special.

nic said...

My bad :)

nic said...

My bad ;)

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... YOU PLAY TOO MUCH....LOL. Ok, I did the poll, but look at it...I just came up with a sample question to see how it works, but it's falling off the page...ILLL...I HATE IT...AND YOU FOR MAKING ME DO IT...LOL (WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNN-that's me crying) lol

nic said...

Ha! you don't hate me! Well maybe a little. lol!

Seriously though did you click that little box next to where it says

" Use mini-poll vertical format (160x350)"?

It's right above where you put your poll question. Try that, and if you still dont like it THEN you can hate me forever....forever ever? forever ever? But ya' know if you do that then i'm have to post about our falling out on my blog. And we both know, there's no telling what i'm likely to say out of my mouth ;)

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... LOL... you're right...I dare NOT hate you...hahahahah! Then I'd have to SNEAK and read all your stories...crack up laughing to myself , then frown and say..."I HATE HER"...LOL. and we don't want that. I actually did see that...I'm going to change it now.

nic said...

Ah, there you go. I knew you could do it. It's just like a dude. You have to play around with it a little to get it to act right. LOL! Just kidding...kinda'.

ROTFL @ your last 2 comments though. You are too silly. I can just picture you doing your Kung-Fu/D.C. laughter....then abruptly stopping.

You're no match for my Tiger-Claw

JustMeWriting said...

LOL...LOL...GIRL, If I got to do TOO much work, homie can gonon bout his (sike...kinda).

LOL...heck know how you laugh at somebody then remember you're not speaking to them and have to quick-jump to mad again...LOL (before they catch you and think things are cool). HAHAHA...

anonymousnupe said...

Nice. And how 'bout this classic ode to the honies from back in the day by Slave:

Walking down the street watching ladies go by Watching Nupes!

Not that was music!

JustMeWriting said...

HAHAHAHAH... yeah, maybe I'll feature them next time, I'll have to get more familiar thought...what's happen-n

JustMeWriting said...


Lais... said...

hey have a new reader (me!!) linked you:)

mark said...

Yo JMW good moring. Check your email at I have left you a message. Peace

nic said...

JMW, in regards to your last comment and the three "VERY'S" ........... I HATE YOU! LOL! LOL!

See how I did that ^ there? ALL CAPS. That means I'm serious lady ;)

Muahahahahahahahahahahhahahah! ~* (stopping abruptly & turning my head to the left so quick you can hear the wind snap)*~

dc_speaks said...

yo...what up, son? how you living?

JustMeWriting said...

lais: WELL THANK YOU KINDLY MISS-LADY...I'm and I'll be checking and adding you as well.

mark: I got it and I'm on it...I'll email you.

nic: LOL...LOL... you did work hard boo-boo... had to check in on me like 12teen times...LOL.

dc: what up wit chu

Ms. Behaving said...

That's a great song! Wow...I hadn't heard that one in a while and even when I used to, I can't ever say that I paid that much attention to the lyrics...

Priority of the day: must download it ASAP :-)

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... yes girl...and I really do still love the song, but now I'm sadder because of there situation...

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