Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Yesterday evening, about 6:45, I was walking down the street talking to my oldest son on the phone when I heard a young woman yell some words from her passing car. I then heard the woman behind me say..."look at cha weave." I figured they knew each other and was just playing around, althought it was a very busy, near Center City street, so why'd they be yelling such things was beyond me, but whatever.

I proceeded to talk to my son, about...I can't even remember at this point, but I talked and walked. By the time I got across the street, I saw the car making a turn onto 15th Street (nic, 15th and Spring Garden...imagine that). No soon as I'd gotten across the street she'd blocked the girl walking behind me and they were now ARGUING. "DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME...WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF!", screamed the girl who was walking. I didn't hear much of what the woman in the car was saying, but I was speechless at what appeared to be some radom act of idiotic banter over this lady's appearence (the woman walking); who by the way didn't look that much of a mess...she had on some Ug-like boots (yeah, they wear them ALL season), a lil denim skirt and a somewhat long-blondish-brownish-curly weave...I know it might sound like MUCH to some, but it's pretty much the norm here in the city of brotherly love.

They continue to fuss at each other over NOTHING...and I'm just standing there like...'oh come on' (to myself) and my son is on the phone like...'mom, what's going on?' I'm standing there wondering why the girl walking is STILL entertaining the chic (sorry...) in the car instead of just coming across the street and going about her business. Well she must have heard my thought, because she then proceeded to cross behind the car...guess what happened then....YUP, the chic (sorry) backed her car up into the girl real hard...the girl was sooo obviously startled, she stumbled but kept her balance and banged the car as the chic ( pulled off. THANKFULLY, there was a cop car sitting at the light and as soon as heck with it, CHICK, pulled off...his siren was on after her and so was the girl on foot.

YES, you heard it here first ladies and gentlemen! People was standing on the corners, coming out of the Saladworks on the corner and just looking in awe. I explained what was going on to my curious son who exclaimed...get this..."AH, A NI@#$ MOMENT!" (that's my big baby)...he then says..."white people don't even have to turn on the tv to be entertained, they can just stand there and watch black people act like fools" (I was so proud of him and my raising of him to understand what and how he SHOULD represent his great race). My question is WHEN? When are we going to realized that we're being watched ALL THE TIME... always under the radar and EVERYTIME we act a fool the OTHERS are laughing at us. I know some people will say, 'that's on them how foolish they want to look and act', but I feel like it's on ME, US... I feel the shame of their actions and it's got to stop.

Being a Woman, and Black Women, I'm especially perturbed to see these behaviors amongts my ladies, my supossed fellow Queens. Women are the backbone of the WORLD (sorry fella's), but we have the power to...(my favorite overused, by me quote from Soujourner Truth) "put this world back together again" (you can check out an old post of mine called "Back to Basics"), but we've GOT to harness our God given power and use it for good not evil. We're mother's so our daughters are watching us to see what type of woman they should be, and we've not shown them very well...our girls are running around here with no selfesteem or respect for anything...they think any and everything WRONG is morals, no ethics and no values. They think they know it all and no NOTHING...and we're ok with that. I can go with this until the day ends but I won't (because my wrist are huring from We have the responsibility of teaching our youth proper behaviors as to avoid having our face captured in a N@#$% MOMENT!!!


dc_speaks said...

mannnnn...this post was exceptionally long...I have to go back and read again before leaving a comment....dang.

DJ Black Adam said...

That is damn depressing.

mark said...

Hello JMW good post my friend. You are correct some of the behavior by black people is disgusting, sad and emabarrasing.

I wish people would stop making excuses about whats going on starting putting together solutions to change it.

JMW I believe the type of behavior you described happens because we are so imbalanced as a people for instance in the black world all to often treating people with respect and decency is not promoting and made into a priority.

Its all about selfishness with us way too often these days. Now I dont follow any particular religion but I am going to pray and pray and pray for us as hard as I can even though it dosent seem to be working up to this point.

I still believe in keeping a positive attitude but I am so frustrated by what is happening to black people in this country(to be honest black people all around the world).

JustMeWriting said...


dj black adam: thanks for coming by...I'm sorry it depressed you, how do you think I felt having to see, um, um...what a shame.

mark: you KNOW I'm with you 100%. Those that want to do wrong are getting worse and those that want to do right are getting what end will we come to??? The ones with the great ideas all seem to be scattered...we've got to link ourselves together in some way shapr or form...we need to be unified to get it done.

mark said...

" we've got to link ourselves together in some way shapr or form...we need to be unified to get it done. "

mark bey: I agree, like minded caring people will have to come together to bring change.

nic said...

HAHAHAHAH!!!! I know I'm not supposed to laugh, but I could picture EVERYTHING in my head thanks to your description. 15th & SpringGarden...That's crazy. ..."look at cha weave!" that's classic Philly. This was a "when keeping it real goes wrong" moment. I bet the broad in the car was like "I don't like people playing on my phone....I'm fittin' to ride on this B****." LLOL!
You know that cop was watching the whole thing. Was it a white cop? Regardless, he shouldn’t have let it get that far. That girl could've been seriously hurt. It's really sad that this is such a normal occurrence. You would never see white people acting out like that in CC.

p.s. They put a salad works there? That makes what 4 new restaurants since CBS 3 moved on the block? When I went to school around there (yes CCP) I didn't have anywhere to eat from except the little salmonella carts.


JustMeWriting said...

Mark: YES, I know we have one agenda and we can come up with some great ideas, but until we can find a way to have all the great ideas taking place all over the place...well I think that's when the GREAT change will come. I'm with you brother...and you can call on me, for whatever...seriously, I extend myself.

nic: I CAN'T STAND YOU....LOL!!! Girl, you almost got me fired for laughing so hard and that would be the LASSTTTT straw for them...LOL
isn't it CLASSIC...that's the crazy part...and YES right in the middle of everything...on a warm, sunny MAY DAY. just pure insanity. I was thinking the same about the, I wasn't paying attention to see if he'd been there the whole time, but the way he popped that siren on he MUST have seen the whole thing...and yeah, I do believe he was white, but a black cop then came out of Saladworks...and YES on the Saladworks being there NOW... and with 10% off for students...LOL. I've been there so long, I don't miss a perk...LOL!!!

Sheletha said...

^5 to your boy recognizing game.

I love the boondocks, i swear i do.

KIKI said...

Girl this is so true! It would be nice to be able to say that's those two womens problem & has nothing to do with me. But you are correct that we are looked at collectively as a race (I myself have been guilty of this) & one's behavior unfortunately reflects back to us all. when I see my black sistas & brothers actin a fool, specially in public, I think I'm usually more embarassed for them then they are!SMH

Opinionated Diva said...

Niiiiice...The ole each one teach one theory...but here's the problem. Many of these so called adults are so childish and immature they are worse then some of the kids, yet they are in the position to 'parent' children who will most likely be worse off and more reckless then their immature parents (with few exceptions).

I can't believe that CHICK backed her car into the other one of this nonsense!!!

JustMeWriting said...

sheletha: YES...I was so proud of my, see forcing him to watch and write about civil rights documentaries paid off...LOL.

KiKi: I'm so with you...I get so mad, I be ready to snatch them in a corner and slap the crap out of them for embarrassing ME/WE/US like that.

op.d: I KNOW THAT'S RIGHT...that's why the kids are the way they are because of who's raising them...we are a product of our enviornment...sad. AND YEAH...I couldn't believe it either.

JustMeWriting said...

Oh yeah Sheletha, I LOVE the Boondocks too... it's about time we've gotten this kind of enlightening truth in the form of eye watering-stomache hurting-breath taking comedy... thank God for Aaron McGruder and Dave

dcsavvystar said...
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dcsavvystar said...

I am mad you were minding your business and got front row seats to the fight! i agree with nic - i can picture the entire thing going down in my mind too! so sad, so sad!

Mega Rich said...

the scene that went down was trifling, so that's enough comments on that. If you are interested in starting a revolution, pick up the movie "The Spook Who Sat By The Door", I think it's by Sam Greenlee. There is also a book by the same title. You can get it through Blockbuster Online, probably Netflix too. Anyway, check out the dynamics of how he started his revolution. We may not need to go the lengths that he went to, but to set things off in that manner would be dynamic.

Lo said...

Jerry Springer must have been shooting on location.

Good to know I can wear my Ugg-like boots in Philly (any time of the year) and not draw attention. Guess I'd better take out this blonde silky yak weave though, unless I plan on getting shanked streetside.

Opinionated Diva said...

JMW...thnx for the shout out. I've added you as well!

Lata alligata!

nikki said...

this was sad to read. i can only imagine how sad it was to witness.

reading this, i have to wonder why it is those sistas behaved how they did. i mean, they had no dignity, no self-respect, and allowed someone else to manipulate them into anger. what is absent from their lives that they feel this behavior is aiight? what is absent from their lives to make them react helplessly instead of allowing shit to just roll off of them?

i think it's important we address the whys of this situation before we do anything else, because it'll only continue if we don't. i'm not sure if unity as a whole is the answer. i mean, having all black folk unified has never happened before, even when we were all still chillin in africa.

perhaps the answer is more about unity among black women who think it's a priority to spread self-empowerment and respect to other black women. find the like-minded individuals and make it happen.

@mark. i hear what you say about treating people decently being a priority. however, that kind of thing begins with self. folk treat others as they treat themselves. it was mad easy for those sistas to treat each other that way cuz they already have no love or respect for themselves.

Andrew The Asshole said...

People will respect you as much as you respect yourself.

SilkySmooth said...

Thats crazy how the black race has come to depict itself in such a bad way. Black people dont even argue/fight over what really counts anymore. Why steep so low as to even bother with the girl in the car, just look at her as a hater and keep it moving. New to your page, but that post is a good one.

Andrew The Asshole said...

This post was funny... nappy headed funny... HOishly funny that pretty much sums up the NIGGA Movement.

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Give your son a pat on the back. Because he 1) recognized it as a N-bomb moment. 2) is smart enough to know the difference 3)realizes that this is NOT the way to act!

mark said...

" @mark. i hear what you say about treating people decently being a priority. however, that kind of thing begins with self. folk treat others as they treat themselves. it was mad easy for those sistas to treat each other that way cuz they already have no love or respect for themselves."

mark bey: Nikki I agree with this statement that is why I believe that we must put an absolute premuim on doing things that encourage love for self and others in the black community.

Some of these things could probable be helped along by using some innovative and fresh community service innitiatives.

Whatever it takes to promote love, learning and healthy behavior is something we need to focus on.

JustMeWriting said...


Now, dcsavvy: YES... front row that I didn't even, for the shame.

Rich: TOO LATE...LOL, I've had it for years, and just talked about it the other day, but you're soooo right about what he started and the way he started it...I love that movie (thanks for letting me know...just

Lo: LOL... yes girl, you can come with it all...I'll even try to match

Op D: you got it sista...and thank you

Nikki: now you KNOW I'm with all your words... it HAS to start within and YES unity on a smaller scale, being amongst black women is ideal (my current project). It's ashame we engage in these acts of foolishness, but like nic said...'she HAD to keep it real'...what a joke, we run around talking about...'I ain't no nut'...'aint nobody gone play me' so we decide to play ourselves.

A.A: you're so right...respected has to be demanded, but if you don't know what it means to RESPECT then you'll not show it or expect it.

silkysmooth: HECK YEAH IT'S REAL CRAZY. And again...she couldn't stand to be (I have to laugh everytime I hear those words)

2nd/68: YES, OH I WAS SO PROUD OF MY BABY. He's 15 now, but He's going to reach the highest mountain, I KNOW IT... my baby is so wise...I just Thank God for him and his mind.

mark: yes...we've got so many areas to work within, we've just got to get to it.


jameil1922 said...

ugh. ridiculous.

JustMeWriting said...

jameil: YEAH...I KNOW..