Friday, May 25, 2007


Being single is hard enough without having friends, family, non-friends and non-family always having something to say. I've been single for some years now, but have dated quite a bit. My sons are going aways this holiday weekend and leaving me all alone (cry, cry, cry), so once this fact was made public people seemed at get, well...kinda 'sad' for me...LOL; one co-worker even said "and you don't even have a boyfriend" (THANKS FOR THE REMINDER BUDDY). I'd like to share some of the things said regarding my singleness and the thoughts that ran through my mind.

1) "How do you deal with it?"/a girlfriend:(HOW THE FRIG DO YOU THINK I DEAL...I CRY)

2) "You're a religious woman; have you prayed for a husband/a girlfriend:(NO, BUT I WILL NOW...THANK YOU)

3) "I'll probably be married before you!"/my son:(I BEAT HIM...DISRESPECTFUL LIL...)

4) "You still single?"/everybody: (OH SHUT UP!!! )

5) "I'f you'd have gotten with me you wouldn't have this problem!"/idiot:(see above)

6) "Have you ever thought about the fact that God might not have marriage in store for you!"/a stranger: (HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH A THING TO ME...I OUTTA SLAP DA...)

7) "I thought you liked being by yourself!"/almost everybody: (I do, but only when you're here...LOL. just kidding friends)

8) "I don't understand it; you're such a pretty girl"/my aunts: (ME EITHER-THANK U)

9) "What the heck do you be doing with yourself"/everybody: (I DO NOTHING...PUNKS)

10)"I know you'd rather be alone then with that jerk!"/a girlfriend: (HECK TO THE NO...I'M BOUT TO CALL HIM NOW...SEE YA!!!)

Well, that's another lil tidbit of my life that you guys didn't have to know, but as I suffer so will you...LOL. I hope you guys laugh...because I did while writing this. Realisticly I do suffer with my singlehood from time to time, but oh God's time until then...I keep my head to the sky and love up on my's something that keeps me going.


nic said...

Hey girl,

That last one, and the one your son daid had me dying. Were you laughing when your son said that to you? Kids have a way of putting things.....makes it hard not tto laugh while your beating them.

dc_speaks said...

you are a fool...I did laugh. Not at you, but with you.

You are an amazingly cool person. When that special guy comes, I will be the frist to ask you for the invitation...I love wedding cake

what up, son?

GC (God's Child) said...

better to live alone than with a contentious man
gospel of GC chapter 10 verse 3

JustMeWriting said...

nic: LOL... girl, I laughed, cried then beat him...LOL (sike, I didn't beat him but I wanted to. This is the WHOLE bit of what he said:

(while in the kitchen doing dishes and chatting)

My boy: "mom, I'll probably be married before you, because FIRST you'll have to meet the man...THEN date him for a little while...THEN you guys might be ready for marriage, but then I'll have finished college and gotten married"

Me (teary eyed) "what did the five fingers say to the face!?" SLAPUM...LOL not, but I wanted to...LOL

JustMeWriting said...

dc: yeah...I know but you CAN'T love cake as much as me...LOL.


deepnthought said...

I am with dc on this one. I was laughing hard though. only cause I have heard the same ones. My favorite came this morning.

If you didn't look like you enjoyed yourself so much maybe men wouldn't feel so intimidated. (cousin, after I told her I was coming to my brothers wedding alone.)

you have to laugh at it.

nic said...


I can't stand you, lol! I just embarassed the hell out of my self laughing at your silly ass.


JustMeWriting said...

LOL... yes can only laugh...but at the end of the day, you've got to be happy with your life regardless... I'm glad that I am.

JustMeWriting said...


Always.Funky.Fresh said...

People treat being single like a deadly disease. Huh? What? You're single?!?!? Nooooooooooooooooo....Don't touch her!! Run away!!!!!

Shai said...

LOL. I laughed too. Funny some of these same folks will dole out their stories about how many issues they are having in their relationships.

I had a relative by marriage put me on front street with the cruelest joke: He said, "I will answer your question when you get a man." Can yo believe when I responded one of my cousins said I was being touchy WTF.

And why do folks say: "That's why you don't got a man." Like that is the worst thing in life. I would rather be single then a dumb azz. SMH.

I love my singlehood more than I want to be in a relationship right now. Actually it varies, I can love my solitude so much I forget about having a companion then vice versa.

All in all I am glad I am not with that azzhole from last year. Whew! LOL.

I agree with Funky Fresh. LOL.

Ms. Behaving said...

LOL. Your son's comment was too cute! :-)

Girl...All I can say about your finding "Mr. Right" is...WORRY NOT.

The right man will come around as soon as god sees fit!


jameil1922 said...

sigh. people say some foolish stuff.

Anonymous said...

I thought I got in here this morning! I wonder what happened.
Anyway, now that we've heard the view from the glass half empty, here's the half full perspective:

*You come and go as you please without having someone who doesn't pay bills all in yo biness
*You don't have to constantly put the toilet seat down
*You don't have to put a bra on if you don't want to
*You don't have to listen to lame excuses about why he's done and you're not
*You control the remote
*You don't have to smell stinky feet

ENJOY your weekend!

KIKI said...

Ok, I gotta be honest! I've realized that I'm happier by my dang ownself than dealing with these men out here now-a-days. They literally give me a headache. Plus as far as I see it, they're only good for one thing and until my vibrator burns out...I'm straight!

Oooohh! Did I say that out loud? Oh, well! LOL!

palebleu said...

I know how you feel...& I have a semi-related question: is it worse to be single or be with something but still feel like you're single!? Anyway, though, I have no idea how you don't have a line at your door that goes the whole way down the street. I look around at a lot of people in my life who've already started families and wonder what is different about me. Not that I'm necessarily wanting a family right now or that I'm not content. I just wonder if it's something about me that will keep me in this place for a long time (if not always)..or if it's just circumstances...Life and God are so mysterious. I guess it comes down to whether we can tune out all those other voices and remember that we believe God truly is good and looking out for us...and whatever happens in the end it must be in our best interest...however it looks now! Guess we must have some special work to do in this life, for our paths to be off the beaten one? Guess God knows what women are strong enough to walk on their own with just Him, too... :D AND the knowledge of the other strong women in their lives! Man, it is so good to know you...

Sugar said...

People can be SOOOOO cruel...especially when they say things like, "But, you're a pretty girl," or any such variation of that madness. Hell, Halle Berry can't barely keep a man!!!! It has nothing to do with that.

I feel your pain girl (inspired Spice and I to start a whole blog on the subject. lol). I do believe that praying for God to send you the right man is right on point. I've nagged and nagged him so daggone much, he's probably like, "Wait! Didn't I say he was coming!?" Just like a real daddy would! :)

Be faithful girl. He's coming...

Mizrepresent said...


I'm feeling you on this....thanks for the laughter...sometimes it's good to laugh at our misadventures in romance.

JustMeWriting said...

always f.f: YES they do, but sometimes I think I'm more pissed at the fact that people think I'm immune to loneliness...either way I grin and bare it.

shai: WOW... that's crazy, I can't stand when people say that either..."that's why you don't have a man" and you're that's the best thing since sliced bread...please.

ms b.: YES... my babies keep me and Yes girl...I've got too many other things to focus on...he'll come when he does and if he doesn't... oh well. more fun by THANKS have a great weekend too.

jameil: yeah they do, but I don't hold it against them...they no not what they

soj g: HEY YOU'RE RIGHT...LOL, I'm like a husband but I LOVE my me time...seriously...I'm not sure if I can deal with sharing space ALL THE TIME...WHEW, that might be much.

kiki: LOL... YES, but they're also good for odd jobs around the house...if they're NOT... frig-um...LOL

palebleu: GIRL...GIRL...GIRL... (I'm calling you in a few) lol...You know I know you're pain; questions that seem to have no answer, but I'd surely say...if you're in a relationship and you feel like you're by yourself...then be by yourself, you don't need to waste anymore time with nonsense.

sugar: LOL... yes girl...He's such a wonderful Daddy, so I KNOW He's got Hez said..."Anyway you bless me, I'll be satisfied"

Miz: hey lady...I'm so glad you know this was shared for the I'm glad you found it...LOL. It's all we can do sometime...laugh.


CapCity said...

SISTAHH JMW - U KNOW i'm feeling THIS post! I laughed too, to keep from crying! Now, I know why God didn't give me kids without marriage -if a child came out da mouf like that to me the li'l stinkers are gonna need the protection of they Daddy! LOL! just kidding...i think;-).

girl - u gotta check the poem i was inspired to write over on my spot that hits on this subject.
yea, there are times that i get tired of being alone, learning all i need to - but, whew - the Lord knows i can NOT bear fuckery & buffoonery in my life.

When people say that BULLshyt to me: "Why u single?" - i answer - "Cuz I don't want to live like U!" (too many of the relationships i observe personally are some SHEEiT)...
or if it's a clown Who says U wouldn't have been single if u got w/ me...HE gets the SMIRK & the GAS FACE! I'd rather play by MYSELF than be with an AZZZZhole ALL DAY LONG!

Can u tell u struck a nerve? LOL!
Gonna get my dance on this wkend & forget all my other "shoes" - long as I got my dancin' shoes it's ALL RIIIGHT!!

Hugz Sis! We KNOW that Joy comes in the morning - even if the night gets rough!

JustMeWriting said...

cap: GIRL...LOL...You know I feel you. It's crazy, everybody's always got something to say...I think one of the ones I hate hearing the most is.."WHAT DID YOU DO NOW"... (WHAT!?!?!?) I don't settle that's what I did...I cut ole boy loose because he wasn't playing by the rules...that's what I did and YES, I do have rules...I'm a Queen only fit for a King so all the jestors have got to go.

Opinionated Diva said...
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Opinionated Diva said...

I'm laughing so hard at some of these comments...specially those from Deep, Fresh & JMW.

At the family BBQ yesterday, I got all the questions. "You STILL aint married?", "What you waiting for?", "Maybe you shouldn't be so independent." Me: Huh? My aunt flat out told me, "you're pretty but you're too smart for your own good, men don't like that"...double HUH?!

Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Did someone call for a King?

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... hahahah...cute...thank you Sir!

Mega Rich said...

Can't read all those comments, but I will say, that it's not easy being single. Most of us have an innate desire to be with someone. You'll find yours - or better yet, he'll find you.

JustMeWriting said...

YES...I know that's right...I can only wait on the Lord.