Thursday, August 16, 2007

Real Random

Sorry, but there won't be any wisdom shared today...Sojourner's out of town and since I quit my job yesterday (LOL) I'm chillen like a muh-@#$%.

Real Random:

There are a couple words/terms that when said in a certain manner, crack me up. One of those terms is Bald-Head, used as an insult...I can't help it; whenever I use it as a term of endearment toward my friends - "Baldhead-smallhead," we all laugh hysterically (yeah, we're all silly).

What one word or term tickles you?

I heard on the news where a crack addict in Georgia bought three rocks (crack rocks) and after smoking one, discovering she'd been duped and given some whack-crack, she called the cops and reported the dealer for selling bad drugs; consequently, she was arrested.

I don't have a link to the story, but thought I'd tell it anyway...what an amazing show of today's madness.

Here's a video from one of my favorite groups/bands. Notice that first lead singer, with the raspy voice...if he sounds familiar it's because he's kin-folk to my all time favorite...Sam Cooke.


Consistently Inconsistent... said...

What a crack head--literally. Who does that? Man that is funny. No matter how much I say it, "Kick Rocks," drives me wild. Whenever I am mad at someone and I say.."Kick Rocks," it kills me because how do you respond to kick rocks??

DurtyMo said...

LOL! Of course when you ask for specific terms I can't think of any dang!! But I use a lot of "made up jargon" lol and it be so funny 2 me! *shew* I'll get back atchu on this one. How you quit yo job tho? dang!!

Ms. Behaving said...

I'm sure something or another is gonna come to me before the day's end.

Right now, I'm surprised to hear you quit!!

Girl...who da hell did it??? [lemme at em']!!!

Opinionated Diva said...

I can't think about commenting on anyting except the fact that you quit your job!!!

'Chu talkin bout Willis?!

Now you knoooooooooow I'm gonna call you later...not just because I'm nosey, but because I might have a lead for you if you haven't found something yet.

JustMeWriting said...

C.I: HAHAHAHA... girl, YES, EVERYTIME you use that terms I crack the heck up. I love it.

durty: YES... I make up terms ALL THE TIME... and crack me and everybody else humor is the greatest part of me (to me).

ms.b: hahahah, thanks lady (da bad wt man didit) haha. It's just been a long time coming...I couldn't stand my boss and he couldn't stand me, but I'll be starting my new job on Tuesday, so I've only had a couple of days off.

op.d: hahahaha...OHHHH I LOVE LEADS... actually I'll be starting my new job on Tueaday, but I'm still in advertising, so maybe that lead might want to buy some...HUM???

Opinionated Diva said...

Well go on witcha bad self...starting the new job on Tuesday huh?!


My lead was with Comcast but it sounds like staying in your field might be a better idea.

Nic said...

That DIRTY BASTARD!(a favorite term of mine, but don't pronounce the "r") You want me to kick his arse. I don't like anyone messin' with my jmw!!!! :(



Still mad, even though you have a new job. You know I'm petty. LOL!

feels good b n FREE said...

sometimes it feels SO good to quit a job, that ain't 4 u anymore. :)
happy 4 long as u r happy.

better things ahead.

btw, that crack head story is soo funny....

i remember this song, but i can't remember the ame of the group. I LOVE SAM COOK TOO!!! i was diggin the beginning of the song.

btw, i don't ever want a man to ask me where to put it...
that's almost an
think about it, is he asking me should he put it in my mouth?????
i'm stupid

deepnthought said...

I crack up everytime I hear c.i.- kick rocks.

Take a long walk off a short pier.

Oh and my all time favorite

boy you look like flava flav is yo daddy.

The crack head story cracked me up.

Mizrepresent said...

What cracks me up? Everytime my co-worker says someone "died from tension"...i'd ask, "what?? Hypertension?" she'd say, "no, from tention, lack of attention." lol!

JustMeWriting said...

op.d: yeah girl...i'm going to have to get serious now (dag)!

nic: HAHAHAHA... YES, DIRTY BASTARD IS HILARIOUS...LOL @ all the rest of that too..(thanks sunshine).

deep: hahahaha...YES, everytime I hear that 'kick rocks' I crack up.

free: GIRL, YES TO ALLLLL THAT. The groups name is Solo and I think they only did two albums, which I have both and love...I wish they'd make a comeback, so I can see them.

miz: sidebar- I LOVE that pic of you...HAHAHAHAH... girl, and lack of attention will kill you for sure.