Thursday, April 19, 2007

Angry Alien(s)

I was a little apprehensive about posting this blog (thought)...didn't really want to reveal much of my somewhat radical side, but chew on this!!!

Cho Seung-Hui, the infamous V-Tech shooter is walking across campus greenery when some wealthy, bratty, self-serving, (probaby NONBlack) male shoots a crude comment at him (something about Kung-Fu or Yu Gi Oh). He may have then experienced a forced- imagined rememberence of the Vietnam war. His ears caused him to hear cries of what he might consider 'his people'; His brain rewinding to stories he may have been told about US history and Americans...talking to him, murmering to him even beckoning to him. Much like "Carrie" as she stood covered in blood hearing nothing but the taunts and laughter of her mockers, sounds drowned only by the voice of her mother..."they're all gonna laught at chu...they're all gonna laught at chu." Jilted into the present with the thought that 'HERE I AM, and HERE THEY ARE LAUGHING AT ME'.

Time after Time...Again and Again, feelings of inferiority rot the insides of this/those/that particular soul of Asain decent. Intellect meaning nothing, skill mea
ning nothing, willingness to love meaning nothing; You are indeed an Alien. Your Visa/Greencard says so as do the voices around you.

Cho's head became a place for haze; a fuzzy cloudy cozy space for insanity to play. Having grown tired of the assimilation game in a place where no one seems to want to even know your name. YOUR NAME?!?! If it's too hard to pronounce it may be subject to change. YOUR NAME?!?! It's so similar to the rest of your kind that it's all the same to call you Lee. Life: wearing perminent boots of steel that have been bolted to a metal disk spinning around at will and going nowhere.

I HATE THEM...I HATE THEM ALL; for who they are, what they have, and what they've done to me and mine. Festering in that hazy daze...the rot of the hate within his soul, tired and confused he collapses within himself and is nomore.

CRAZY, INSANE, LUNATIC, MANIAC or an Angry Alien having seen injustices and tasted the blood of biting ones own tongue; felt the pang of misfortune and heard the derision that sometimes comes with being different and unable to control/stop the sadness, anger and hate before it consumes you.

This is just something a part of me thought about as I looked at the face of the killer. I found myself sympathizing with him as much as I did for the victims. I pray peace for all the souls and families involved.


Ramblings...acVernon Menchan said...

He is to be sympathized with...that child was drenched in pain and fear...unfortuately it manifested itself in the wrong way...unchecked rage will kill you and potentially cause you to kill someone else...a sad, sad...sadness


Anonymous said...

That was a nice piece of writing. Great imagination...Your attempt to get inside of this guy's head was profound. Even thought "they" have this videotape and say "the" killer sent the tape to NBC, I'm not convinced. I'm not convinced that Osama and the taliban are the ones sending videotapes of the "hostages" either. I do have empathy for anyone that lets the pressure of an unjust and unfair society make them snap. Who knows what really happened...I haven't been keeping up as much so I don't know if they have shown the bodies or posted names for each victim. I also have empathy for the victims and their families.

JustMeWriting said...

R.A.M: Yes, I totally's sheer unchecked rage, something that can be so easily attributed to any of us. Indeed, it's a truely sad situation.

Anon: THANK YOU for the compliment (greatly appreciated). HUM to quote you...'They SAY the killer sent the tape'...well that sounds like you're suggestion these things were conspired by the? I'd assume govment??? I do believe in the Conspiracy Theory, but I think it might be slightly misplaced here, but who am I to question.

Anonymous said...

Who knows if this is the same guy in the tape...He could be a look a like. The palestinian world is saying that the"Sadaam" guy they so-called hung, wasn't the real guy...We don't know...Just because it looks like a duck, doesn't mean its always going to be a duck!

Anonymous said...

I felt the same about that guy Cho,
although he had mental issues, I still think society and rich people, the ones he was around pushed him over. We as blks feel the same pressure,ridicule and rejection from society.

Shai said...

I agree with AC, I feel for him. I was once picked, shoot still picked with. I can be sensitive. I am also tough and stubborn. I have been mad at folks who gave me hell.

I have to say as I grow older I know that you have to learn to direct your anger. It is hard when you are or feel different and don't fit in.

Folks who bully and pick need to halt. Not just because of potential harm to them also to the person they are bothering. Folks are flipping out, tired of crap. I feel for them. I just don't agree with their methods of coping. Revenge is never the answer.

KIKI said...

His actions were unexcusable and the fact that so many lives were lost is sad...but for some reason I have a hard time holding this man completely accountable for what happened.

Why is it that it wasn't until all these lives were taken that no one bothered to say "Hey...something doesn't seem right about this guy"? But after the shootings...Oh, now everybody got something to say... the psychologist who's now saying "He seemed disturbed, but didn't think he was suicidal" or his classmates who are now talking about how they knew something was wrong with him when he came to class reading self-written stories about killing & and destruction. Maybe if they decided to share this info with the school administration prior to his full blown melt down all of this could have been avoided.

Just my opinion.

Good post!

JustMeWriting said...

Anon #3: YES... that's exactly what my point was. Society can be so cruel that anyone who'd ever felt alienated could have been this boy, but like you said Shai: you've got to know how to channel that angre, because it's so not worth it in the end.

Kiki: I'm totally with you girl and so is Anon #1 & There are just too many why's coming up now... why did they allow a 2.5 HOUR time span between shootings... he had time to go to the post office mail off the tape, get breakfast (maybe) then go back and kill the rest of the people... that's CRAZY in itself...all while the university and officials are acting like NOTHING happened 2.5 hours PRIOR (with the killing of the first 2 people) just plane crazy, but like I always say...WELCOME TO CRAZY WORLD.


Anonymous said...

Do you feel sorry for the Muslims? NO!

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... anon, you're killing me. lol