Friday, April 20, 2007

...a few of my favorite things.

I recently did a post of my top peeves and thought it would create cyber equality to give my top, so here are a few of my favorite things:

1.) Swinging really high on a swing while listening or singing my favorite song...the sky is pretty blue and the breeze is warm.

2.) Due to some technical issue within the building, my job has to close at 10:00 am on a beautiful payday-Friday....DELICIOUS!!! LOL

3.) A little old black woman smiling at me when I get on the bus

4.) Hearing my sons laugh and play with each other.

5.) Watching young girls jump rope on the sidewalk.

6.) Smiling while thinking of that special someone...then they happen to call.

7.) Braiding my grandmother's hair while the rest of my family talks, laughs and watches tv. A.K.A. Family Get-togethers

8.) Surprise Sales and you can use all your coupons. (loves it)

9.) Cooking a good (by their standards) dinner for my sons

10.) Feeling the presense of the Lord (I saved the best for last)

Those are a few of my favs...what are some of yours?


Shai said...

I will post my favs on my blog. Stop by.

Mizrepresent said...

I love are mine:

1. The sound of childrens laughter.

2. A baby, making those goo-goo sounds, or saying "mommy", "daddy".

3. A cool breeze on a sunny day, blue skies, perfect for flying a kite.

4. Anybody that greets me in the morning with a smile.

5. Joyous laughter!

6. Gathering with my family.

7. A warm embrace.

8. Good music.

9. Good wine.

10. Gospel music.

11. Dancing like nobody's looking.

12. Sunday's sermon and the choir singing....gets me ready for the week, always.

dc_speaks said...

let me get back to you on that.

palebleu said...

Your #2- did that really happen?? Oh, what a rare gift! Hahah...I so miss working with you!

Philly's Finest said...

Here are some of my favorites things in no special order.
1. Looking up at the sky and watching the stars in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping.
2. Watching the sunrise or set
3. Blue Oceans and Palm Trees
4. Spending time with my family
5. My moms laugh
6. When ever my daughter is happy

There are more but as you can probably tell I am a little sappy

JustMeWriting said...

AWWWWW....ISN'T ALL THOSE SPECIAL! thanks for sharing guys. Here are some of my fav's from your fav's
Miz: #1,#7,#8,#10,#12 (loves them)
P.P: #1 and #2 (HECK YEAH) I can't say I like the sound of your mother's fact it kinda works my nerves... LOL.

CapCity said...

I'm late - but it's all good:-)

SOME of my faves (in no particular order - just as they came to mind):
1. The JOY in the eyes of my family when I arrive at their homes & the HUGZZZ (living away from family can be tough - even if necessary for growth:-)

2. Joining in on a game of double dutch with some neighborhood girls w/ one of my sisters when she visited me here in nyc - then laughing with my sister as we joked how we must look like "old athletes" to them! lol!

3. DANCING! Lord, I love to DANCE!

4. SummerTIME - no need for a jacket - just put my $ & keys in my pockets & walk freely about the city!

5. Still Summer: Outdoor cafes & restaurants w/ a nice bottle of wine, good company & great people watching!

6. The wonderful relationship with my Dad & the development of a relationship of peace & respect with my Mom!

7.The abundant blessings of Our Father & Creator!

JustMeWriting said...

hey...I just checked this post...THANKS Cap for the post, late or, you know I enjoy hearing what you have to say and as usual it sounds good.