Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Inspiration

Here's one of my Favorite songs from who I consider to be one of the most anointed gospel singers around;Mr. Marvin Sapp. I've shed a many of tears in my living room listening to him and now I invite those who don't hear a little piece of heaven. I hope your ears are blessed and your soul refreshed.

P.S. It may take a minute for the song to if you have the time...stay online...LOL.(I'm rhyming like crazy today..hahah)


dc_speaks said...

i love marvin sapp. as a solo artist and with commissioned.

JustMeWriting said...

Yes...that's where I started loving him...with commissioned. They pratically raised

dc_speaks said...

alright go girl!

Shai said...

I have to admit I am not into Gospel very much. I have heard this song before not familiar with the artist.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

You were right, that did take a minute to upload. :-) But it was so worth it. He has an amazing voice and the message was on point. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

Have a blessed week!


CapCity said...

That was Beautiful! Powerful voice on THAT Brother. Whew. Thanx sistah,JMW:-)

JustMeWriting said...
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JustMeWriting said...

Shai: It's something great to get into...I'm more partial to older stuff, but there're some great new artist on the scene another personal fav is Tonex, which I'll be posting something from him today (maybe)

Gwyneth: lol...yeah, I had to mention that or people would have just walked away... lol, but I'm glad you came by and even more glad you thank you.

C.C: YES, he is such a favorite of mine. It works my nerves to see BET put on these fake "Gospel" celebrations always excluding great ANNOINTED talent like Marvin. People might question the annointing but I say anytime I can listen to something and it moves me closer to the Lord...causing me to pray and praise Him...that's some powerfull stuff.

I thank you all for your comments, it's a pleasure to share my pleasures.

p.s. The title of that album is "Diary of a Psalmist" and the WHOLE thing is a blessing. check it out when you can.

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dc_speaks said...

i think he likes my blog link family...meaning francis.


Rich in the Stl said...

Girl, I love me some Marvin Sapp, he and Fred Hammond, those are my boys.

We won't even talk about Tonex. I've been hip to him since around '95. Dude is incredibly talented.

If you haven't alread, check out Deitrich Hadden's new album 7 days. Especially those of you who like R&B, this might be a good Gospel album for you to cut your teeth into.

JustMeWriting said...

YES RICH, I have like every Commission, Fred and Tonex cd and love them all...I actually like Detrick Hadden too (and I have his wife's cd) but I only have Det's first cd...but I'm going to check this new one out. thanks for the comment and the heads up on the new music.

Sheletha said...

its funny that Im looking at this now. Passa SAPP was in my area last night, and I went to the service. Sermon "Hollah 'till you hear me" Can you say: Off the chain???

Additionally, he is my sister's pastor at the lighthouse in G Raggity (Grand Rapids, MI)

I don't know how to post hyperlinks in the comment section like Rich does, so just google Lighthouse Full Life Center and get your SAPP fill

JustMeWriting said...

OH YEAH... awww man, I'd LOVE to see and hear him in person...I've got to check out his site..and add his church to my list of must visits. thanks Sheletha.