Tuesday, May 8, 2007

In Honor of Mother's Day.

I came across this article on the BAW (Black American Web) and it asked the question:
What do you wish you'd have done, or SHOULD have done before you became a Mother (Fathers are not exempt). Here is the list offering from the author, witch will be followed by my own...and then your's lol.

(Author's) 10 Things....

1. Gotten Married (to the RIGHT man)
2. Had pictures of myself taken-- naked
3. Figured out who I was
4. Ran a desperate dash for my destiny
5. Owned a home
6. Overcame my hatred for cooking and cleaning
7. Dated a celebrity
8. Wrote a few Pulitzer Prize winning novels
9. Wore shirts that showed off my flat belly
10. Traveled from city to city living out of my car in search of the perfect place and opportunity to grow.

(MY) 10 Things...

1. DITTO (That would have been ideal)
2. Finished College
3. Found my purpose and started my career
4. Traveled (EVERYWHERE)
5. Either Been in a Play or a Band or BOTH...LOL
6. Learned to drive
7. Bought my home
8. Been apart of some major protest (with my fist pumped up) lol
9. Taken all the courses Home Depot has to offer
10. Prepared for the coming of my children, but starting their college fund and savings accounts.

DAG, you miss out on a LOT when you're a teen mother, but as long as God affords me the time, I'm almost half way, but I'll get it done.

Picture review: 1.) is of me the mother, 2.) is my little prince, then 10, 3.) my BIG prince...with his football player physique...he's a leader in training and he's passing all his test and lastly 4.) both my princes acten a fool...lol. THANK YOU GOD FOR MY BABIES.


CapCity said...

Beautiful photos!
If u love your life and The Lord then U know that ALL happens AS it should WHEN it should (at least I have to keep believing that as a 30+ year old sistah who has not been blessed to bear human-fruit, yet...but have enjoyed many OTHER blessings:-)

Hugz Mahma!


Learned to drive, WHAT!!! My aunt JoAnn is 64, has never driven a car and has yet to pay my uncle Johnny for being her chauffeur all the 50 years of their marriage...

nic said...

Awwwww! those pictures are adorable. They look just like you especially lil' prince.
I don't have any kiddies yet, but I'm still glad you shared your list with us. The only thing is....... I thought ya'll WERE in a band. What happened to the "Baby Black Panthers"? Lol!


P.S. I hope you're feeling better.

JustMeWriting said...

Cap: THANK YOU LADY, and NOW you see the kids too... LOL. YES, I most surely don't regret one thing. I'm GLAD to have had them when I did, because I'm DONE now... LOL. Yes lady, God has set things up for you as He wanted, so be not dismayed...but I KNOW you're not...you're too strong; Big-Beautiful Strength...you keep it up sista girl and hugs back to you...thanks for your encouraging spirit.

Slupm Facade; LOL... WHAT? 'PAY HIM'...PAY HIM NO MIND... LOL. just kidding, but that's her boo and that's what boo's do for each other. LOL. Yeah, I'm still working on the learning to drive thing.

p.s 50 YEARS MARRIED... WOW, what a wonderful blessing...amazing. My dream come true, but alas...I'm still working on objective #1...lol, well not actively working, but it's yet to be attained.


JustMeWriting said...

nic: LOL...LOL...don't go reminding me of my dream deferred...LOL. Girl, you crack me up.

dc_speaks said...

um...cool post.

i'll have to get some things out of my mental lockbox and reveal them a lil later.

look at the lip gloss gal.,...LOL!!!

Shai said...

My list is:

1. Get my degrees.
2. Get married.
3. Travel.
4. Love Shai and all her flaws.
5. Have my license before 30.
6. Own a home.
7. Enjoy singlehood.
8. Patience.
9. Have a good job.
10. Enjoy my skinny body.

BigRAY_3183 said...

Nice one, all realistic goals. I may have to do this one tomorrow or so.


Mizrepresent said...

My kids are such a blessing to me...and i love them so much...that there is not one thing i can think of wanting, before wanting them, because i wanted them in my mind, in my heart, and in my soul.

Sugar said...

I don't have kids, but your list is cool. I believe that every person has a path set before them, but it can be carved up and tailored to fit our decisions, ideas and desires. Things may not have gotten off to the start you had hoped, but they can always end up where you want.

JustMeWriting said...

Shai: looks like we're working from the same list...lol.
Ray: yeah, it'll be here tomorrow...lol
Miz: YES... that's so true...my sons are...just SOMETHING ELSE... they amaze me each day.
Sugar: thanks you (for saying my list is cool..lol) Yes...I KNOW those things will get done, as long as I want them to...I too have not been denied...only delayed (smile)

credo said...

Great post. Thanks for coming over.

JustMeWriting said...

credo: thank you...and you're very welcome.

Rell said...

Thanks for the comment on the blog. I'll drop by here more often...

nikki said...

this is a great entry. you get props for doing your thing with children. i was just telling my best friend today that i can't imagine getting half the things done she has, and i don't have kids (she's a single mom of one).

i think kids have a way of centering a person and bringing focus where there was none (if the person is ready to do that).

then again, if i had kids i'd probably be sending them somewhere to have their diapers changed. i'm not good with that. lol

dcsavvystar said...

you get em girl! i love love love the pictures! and happy mothers day to you in advance :) you seem like a supermom!
the list makes me think of the things that i want to do as well; my mind is certainly going over here.

Brandon said...

Nice blog.

KIKI said...

Thank God indeed JMW...while they're quickly giving me grey hairs, my boys are the best things that ever happened. And you have beautiful boys (or shuld I say young men).

Great Post!

JustMeWriting said...

Rell: You're so very welcome...and thank you.
Nikki: thank you so much mama...lol. They say the hard part is when they're little, but boy are they wrong...it's when they develope their own perception and my oldest son has a mind all his own...lol, but he's still got the greatest parts of me; and I'm sure you'd love changes those doody diapers...lol
dcsavvystar: THANK YOU and THANK YOU...LOL. Yeah, sometimes I feel like a supermom, but it's all good when my oldest say's..."Mom, you know you're my best friend."
Brandon: thank you very much...please do come again.
Kiki: YES...who could ask for anything more...forget Toyota...lol. And, I've been sooooo sooooo blessed, because I don't have a problem with them (except keeping the house clean...lol) but they get along great with each other. My oldest aspires to be a Judge AND a Tight End for SOMEBODY'S NFL team (I've got him in training now, y'all know I'm always in their bitness). My baby boy has been deemed above average in Math and Science and plays the piano (self taught) so God's been good to me.


Sheletha said...


JustMeWriting said...

why, thank you lady-bug. (yeah..I'm real late with this)