Thursday, May 3, 2007


Hey guys, this is just a lil update as to the goings on's in my fair citi (i on purpose) of brotherly love, despite it's apparent (that's not funny). Anyway, we've got some good stuff going on this month for those of you readers close enough to hit it up.


THE BLACK LILLY FILM FEST will be here THIS WEEKEND at the Painted Bride Art Center
I plan on attending at LEAST one of the days of the fest...probably Sunday, but I'm sure EVERYDAY will be a blast, so please do check it out of you can.


Here's the message I received about this upcoming event:

In a typical presidential campaign, the candidates spend almost all of their time in the early primary states, typically venturing outside of those states only for high-ticket fundraising events put together by and for those who don't mind dropping $2300+ for dinner and a handshake.
Barack Obama is not running a typical campaign.

He's coming here on Tuesday, May 22 for a series of events, and the centerpiece is a Community Kick-Off Rally at the Electric Factory at 5pm. This is not a $2300+ per-person event, or a $500 cocktail party, or a $250 "stand in back of the people who attended the cocktail party to watch a speech on tv monitors."

You can join us for as little as $25.
Yes, Obama Goes Electric, standing room only for you and 2,499 (or so) of your soon-to-be-closest friends in one of my favorite venues in the city. I suggested the space to the campaign because when the Factory gets loud, it gets loud, and Barack Obama deserves to hear just how enthusiastic the Delaware Valley is for his candidacy.

If you're a student with an ID, you can get in for $25. For the rest of us, it's $50, with the additional option of sitting in the upstairs VIP lounge, off the packed floor, for $100 if you're interested. [Only $100 to be a "VIP": that might be a good option for "old people" like me -- y'know, mid-thirties and up.]

You can RSVP for the event https://donate. barackobama. com/page/ contribute/ philly?custom2= Obama4PA , which you should distribute far and wide to anyone who's interested in contributing $25 or more and joining us. Moreover, even if you can't come, but just want to show your support for Barack Obama and events like this, that option is available on the site.

DJ King Britt will be spinning, and a very special guest will sing the national anthem.

And that's about all folks, not that there's nothing else going on here...these are just the only two things of interest to me right now.

peace and love.


Nic said...

Hey, I'm not too into the large crowds so E. Factory is probably out. The Film festival seems cool though, but what's the time frame on that? Also, there's still "First Fridays" down in Old City right? I haven't been to any of the art galleries in years. I could kill two birds with one stone.

Thanks for the tips JMW!

JustMeWriting said...

yeah, I feel you...because I don't do crowds either, but I really would love to see him speak. The film fest is REALLY nice because they have workshops at all times of day for the entire weekend...for $10 per, so you can pretty much pick the one you want to attend...check out the like to the venue. Um...I really don't do clubbin or anything, so I never really hit the first fridays, but I love the few spoken word spots I've had the pleasure of checking out.

you're very welcome nic.

dc_speaks said...

i dont live in philly but thanks for the info...i do have a couple of friends that live there.

that must be your public service announcement.

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... well you're right...I guess this SHALL serve as my weekly public service THANKS DC.

mark said...

Hello JMW both events sound interesting but I wont be attending because I too live in washington dc.

Anyway I have never donated money to a politicians but I will probably donate to obama.

Sugar said...

Hey! Nice blog! That Obama event sounds nice and at only $50, it's a good deal! The VIP might not be such a bad idea either if you want to get up close and personal. Well, at least within earshot.


Brother Obama came to Oklahoma earlier this year, it was only $25 for the general town meeting. Though I am a Red state man, his perspective was quite refreshing...

Anonymous said...
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BigRAY_3183 said...

Hey I am new to your spot, we both have a mutual blogger buddy named Lola. I was looking at networking with folks in Philly because I am hoping to relocate there in a little under six months. From this you seem to know somethings about the area.

I urge you to keep in touch and take a trip here and there to my area of blog world.

JustMeWriting said...

Mark: YOU'RE ONLY IN DC...YOU'D BETTA BRING YA BEHIND HERE...LOL. Yeah, I'm never been an active supporter in politics either, but I'm going to do this.

Sugar: THANKS SUGA...LOL. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing (about doing the VIP) I've surely wasted $100 on other things...oh, thanks for coming by.

Slump Facid: Oh yeah, I wanted to hear what people who've seen him had to say...well that's good to know. I'll take notes to share from when he's here and thank you much for coming by.

Bigray: WELL LET'S DO THE DARN THING... LOL! I've been here all my life...don't know much but enough. I'll surely be visiting your spots and thanks for coming by.