Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bread For The Hungry

Ok...that title might be somewhat misleading, but it's a Knewday and nothings the same (here in my mind) LOL... so ya never really know. This little challenge came about because I'm the most frugile of all my friends and they're always laughing at my shopping habits...yeah, I'm a no frills queen...I've told my sons a millions times..."Don't pick up ANTHING that has a commercial." People say being a single parent is hard, but I think it's only as hard as you make it...and I thank God I'm so, well...resourceful; I can do wonders with $5. So it got me to thinking how you guys would do with only $5 to spend on food for a WEEK... yup...that's what I's the challenge:

It's Sunday evening and you've already eaten dinner, but you've got NO food and only $5 until Midnight Thursday (when your direct deposit kicks in).

Figure out how many meals you're going to eat per day, where you'll shop and what you'll buy.

You can have ONE item from the following groups already at home:

Group A:



3)Corn Meal

Group B:




Group C:



3) 6-Eggs

Since money doesn't care how many people you have to feed...neither do I (LOL...kidding) but the size of your family doesn't've got to make that $5 work wonders, but I'll say, if you have kids...they can have LUNCH in school...but need to be feed breakfast and dinner...NO EXCEPTIONS.

Let's see how you guys mannage your lil-bit-a-dolla's

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Opinionated Diva said...

OK...I'm gonna have to see some responses first cause right now I can't see how you could have a healthy meal out of this for FOUR days when you only have five bucks.

I say go to a different person's house every night of the week for dinner!!

mark said...

I would slip up to shoppers food warehouse and cop 15 packages of oldles and noodles and laof of bread and a stick of butter.

Then I would have oddles and noodles toast with butter and Ice cold water from the freezer.

Nic said...


The three items I would pick are; Sugar, Mayo, and Bread. Then I would go to the store with my $5 and cop 1/2 pound of lunch meat (prolly bologna) and a small box of store brand cream-of-wheat and a pack of orange Kool Aide. They can eat sandwiches for dinner. And the sugar goes in the cereal, and juice.
SAVE-A-LOT all day!!!

Nic said...

^ That's for if I had kids. Since it's just me though.... Monday I’m going to Wendy's, for a spicy chicken sandwich and a frosty. Tuesday I’ll be broke so I'll prolly be in the office refrigerator. And Wednesday, I’m going to my "buddies" house, He'd better break bread :)

dc_speaks said...

that question is just too hard for me to consider. although the first things I would get would be milk and bread and tuna...hopefully I had other things in the house..

we would starve at my crib with 5 bones for the week

JustMeWriting said...





dc:...YEAH.. tuna can work magic too...and for cheap.

Anonymous said...

I'd get 3 packs of $.50 spghetti from Someones favorite place save a lot and some $.29 tuna from save alot...Wait I have to come back with some more.


anonymousnupe said...

This is waaaaay too hard for a Monday morning. But I tell you what, we'd be eatin' a heck of a lot of potatoes. They're cheap (depending on where you live you can get a 5 lb. bag for $1.00!). and versatile. Since we already have flour, ketchup and eggs, we have the ingredients for several pretty wholesome meals: potato fritters, home fries and eggs, mashed, potato cakes, baked—I’ll borrow butter from somebody—French Fries, potato pancakes, potato soup…we’d be some potato eatin’ fools for those four days! Now, in actuality I have my own vegetable garden, too. So, depending on the time of year, we may have squash, tomatoes, watermelon, corn, or greens to supplement our starchy staple. And one of these rabbits running around in our yard might just find itself on the wrong end of Anonymous Nupe's slingshot, too, depending on how desperate we get for protein. Potatoes and rabbit go real well together. After splurging on the tubers I'd hold onto the rest of the dough for emergencies. Like if I just gotta have a Heineken to wash down the taters!

nic said...

"And one of these rabbits running around in our yard might just find itself on the wrong end of Anonymous Nupe's slingshot"


mark said...

I meant to say save a lot as well they are the cheapest place to buy food that I know of.

Sojourner G said...

First (as far as winning your bible challenge) I'd like to thank ALL the little people out there. LOL
Thanks for having it. You put an extra measure of the Lord on my mind each day. It literally has been how I've started my day each day since we started.

As far as the $5 bucks. Top Ramen and that big ol' pack of hot dogs.

JustMeWriting said...

anon-aj: LOL... you'd betta not be making up those prices...because i'm checking...LOL.

anonupe: LOL....HAHAHAH... YOU'RE SOOOOOO (SIMPLE-SORRY) LOL. but heck yeah, tater's is on my list too...

nic: LOL... yes, ain't he silly.

mark: I'm just GLAD you guys have a Save-a-lot...because you sure do save a

soj: YOU EARNED IT SHUGA...YOU JUST DON'T GET A PRIZE...LOL, but, I'm going to post a daily word in it's place and I'm SOOO glad it gave you more of the Word. on the $5 spending....that's a winner and you'd have change...way to go.

JustMeWriting said...


ok, I'd take Flour, Mayo and Milk from my shopping will be done guessed it SAVE A LOT... and here's what it'll be

Potato's (.99)
1 Can of Machreal (you know how to spell it (.69)
Bread (.69)
6-pack of noodles (.59)
Hot dogs (.69)
Eggs (.99)

and I'll have .36 left for a sweet treat...LOL.

like nupe said, those potato's would go a LONG way...
Monday morning: TOAST and milk for the kids and they're off to school...LOL
Monday night: baked potato's and machreal cakes

Tuesday morning: homefries and some more milk
Tueasay night: the rest of those machreal cakes...oh yeah, they'll be some left, because they'll only get a little the first time.
Wednesday morning: eggs...UM, UM, UM... de-licous...(or learn to luv em)
Wednesday night: Hot dogs

Thursday morning: eggs AND homefries....might as well eat um up...mommy gets paid tomorrow...
Thursday night...NOODLES GALORE...

and there you have it folks...$5 used VERY

mark said...

Excellent break baby girl down of what you would do with the 5 bucks to to get your grub on for an entire week.

JustMeWriting said...

LOL...that's how you've got to be mark, it's survival...and i've always been very independent...stubbord and full of pride, so I've practiced this challenge a many a day...but I thank God that He's given me the mental capacity to do so...and to no worry about things. Once you work that way of thinking into your life on a small can depend on it with larger things.

Shai said...

Ok, I got confused. I thought you only meant buying what was on the list and nothing else. LOL>

deepnthought said...


I would have the sugar and eggs and ketchup from your list

now if I was in tn, I would trade a small calf and bushel of corn for and organic chicken from one of my neighbors. And go to walmart and get Kool aide and granola.

But since I am in the big city, I would still have the three staples

Then I would get that bag of rice and 5lbs of potatoes. Two sweet potatoes and a bag of corn and spinach. and a couple of packs of kool aide.

I would be good for the whole week.

Oh yeah, I am a hater. So, the only reason you know who won the Bible challenge is because I bowed out gracefully.

Andrew The Asshole said...

This is a really hard task only $5? I'd spend it in gas going over people's houses to eat a real meal

Ms. Behaving said...

Let's see....4 heads including myself and ONLY $5 daggone dollars--for one week???

Girl....Imma bout to call Tyrone....LOLOLOL

You gotta be real creative to make that happen...

JustMeWriting said...

shai: LOL... but girl...I'm sure we could still make a meal out of those things...LOL.

deep: OOOHHH... I forgot you don't eat mean...well you can go crazy what that money and sounds like you did...that's what I'm talking about...LOL.


ms.b: HAHAHAH...GIRL, you'd betta give everybody a dolla and call it a day...LOL, SIKE... I'm sure is you HAD to you'd pull it off big time.

JustMeWriting said...

deep: yeah...that is the truth...because it would have surely been a draw between you two.

Opinionated Diva said...

lmao@Andrew & msbehaving!

I'm with you both...I need to have some kind of meat and veggies for dinner...or it just doesn't seem like I'm eating dinner.

Unless of course it's one of those nights where your not really hungry...then Haagen Daz chocolate ice cream will do!

This exercise definitely made me think twice today as I was buying lunch. I spend way too much money on food. Nine bucks for a sandwich and some's highway robbery!

Rose said...

I could do this easily but I wouldn't enjoy it much and probably would lose weight. I pick cornbread, sugar and eggs. Next I would purchase 10 packs of Ramen noodles for 1.00, a pack of Great White Northern Beans, .69 cents, a box of rice, .99,and a box of oatmeal or grits. Finally I would purchase 5 packs of KoolAid for .50 cent and use the 43 cent left for taxes. The rice, grits and beans could feed us for two to three days or more. Since we can't afford meat, the eggs would be our protein.

JustMeWriting said...

WHAT...SEE...that's what I'm saying...LOL. I'm mad that I just spent $4...HAHAH! But, it's stuff like this that I teach my to no cry and complain about what you don't have, but make GOOD use of what you do...I think then you're pretty happy either way.

JustMeWriting said...

rose: first..hello and thanks for the visit...second...YOU GO LADY...LOL. that's on point, now I'm not big on beans, but that's another good/cheap filler... and you'd learn to love em...LOL.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

This is way too hard for me. lol

Shai said...

I agree with Diva, this is way too hard for me right now. LOL. Funny I just spent over $200 on groceries Saturday. I shop once/twice for major things. I spend the biggest chunk early in the month and a small amount after the middle. I am still used to my schedule when I was on welfare. I was known to keep food stamps(yeah that has been a long time ago, LOL) for over a month and still have food. LOL.

If I had to I would work the $5. LOL.

JustMeWriting said...

diva: LOL... yeah, this stuff can be hard, but I've been practicing...LOL.

shai: girl, I tell's nothing better then knowing and learning how to be broke...LOL, it's a good place to grow from.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I'm mad I just spent $165 on groceries Friday and yall negros talking about surviving off of $5 for a week.

dc_speaks said... are a mess and some of these comment are just as funny.

excellent post, ma'am.

Sheletha said...

yeah im going to have to raid my sisters refrigerator for those four days and hope i got some peanut butter

jameil1922 said...

guess who played this game all through college (unnecessarily since my dad would send me money if i asked) and will not be participating? yeah, that would be me. i did have a meal plan, but still.

JustMeWriting said...

southern: LOL... dag well since you had all that to're ok, but that food should last you all year...LOL.

dc: YEAH... you know I don't play with food and especially when I'm broke..LOL.

sheletha: LOL...that's against the rules.hahahah

jameil: LOL... well as long as you know how to play the game...

Andrew The Asshole said...

Shit if i can only hit one house then I'm staying the weekend and I'm taking to go container (not a plate)

CapCity said...

yea, i'm w/ andrew - i gots to have some greens & variety - oodles of noodles offend me, now that I've graduated from college. LOL! get rid of the gas guzzlers & u can get to a coupla friends;-)

Sugar said...

Oh wow! What a great post! I've had to subside on $5 too many times to not get in on this. lol

First of all, I've been in positions where I didn't have ANY of the items in groups A-C and still had to make it on $5, so I'm all like, shoot with some flour, mayo and bread, I'm good to go!! lol Thank God for better days!

Now, I'd buy a $2.50 pack of ground turkey, a $1.50 jar of spaghetti sauce and a $.33 cents box of spaghetti noodles...or a few packs of ramen, but I think I could swing the spaghetti noodles.

I'd whip up that pot of spaghetti and we'd eat dinner like some royals for that week! I'd use the flour and mayo to fashion a sort of ghetto, we broke as heck this week, ho-cake and dare anybody to complain about it, for breakfast.

I'd toast some of the bread to eat with the spaghetti...more filling and some for case anybody decides to pass on the ho-cakes. Yep, that's what I'd do.

JustMeWriting said...

andrew: LOL... that is sooo against the rules...hahahahah @ you taking all their food home with you.

cap: hahahaha... see, that's another expense (getting there) LOL. so then i'd have to walk! lol

sugar: now there we go...that's another good way, just make a GIANT pot and eat it allll week. LOL @ HO-CAKE, I was thinking the same thing about the milk and flour and grandmother used to make a 'fry-bread'

Sugar said...

I'll bet my grandma's Ho-cake and your grandma's fry bread are one in the same. lol

Thanks for the laugh, and the brain exercise.

JustMeWriting said...

lol...girl and I surely wouldn't doubt it. I've REALLY got to learn how to make that bread and you know that I think about grandmother DID call it ho-cake, but I thought she was talken to me...LOL. (JUST KIDDING) and you're so welcome lady.