Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lyrically Affected #2 (I LOVE IT)

I love this dude (he'll be here next week...I might have to sell something so I can go see him...LOL and not a part of me silly's) LOL! This is the way a King Loves a Queen....everything everything about it I loves it...
(i'm skipping the oohh-oohh stuff) and get right to verse 1:

When I look at you
What I see is my future wife-to-be
Only God Himself
More important in this life to me

-those are some of the most powerful words a King could utter to HIS Queen (if you talking to any other you just a slimmy dude...not a King) verse #2:

You've been there for me
Nurtured and cared for me
Never left my side
In you I can confide

-WOW... we all know how good it feels to hear someone acknowledge and appreciate your goodness...to be the best friend and confidant to your mate...I Love It!!! chorus:

Love it (I love it)
Love it, love it (Everything about you)
Love it (I love it)
Love it, love it (Hey, good and the bad)
You know I love it (I love it)
Love it (Can't imagine life without you)
Love it (Oh...)
Love it, love it

-THIS IS LOVE..."good and the bad" if you claim to love me...you're loving it all. "Can't imagine life without you" it may sound like an obsession, but those that know KNOW... it's just the fact of love; verse 3 & 4:

Give me peace of mind
Conversations be so soothing
disagree sometimes
But it only shows were human

Cause I'll take one for ya
like you would the president
The love I have for you
one couldn't even measure it

-I'm serious affected by these words people...they are something else. To be and love a person who's able to sooth your thoughts with there words and presence...is magic and to understand imperfectability and still 'take one for ya'...UMMM! last verse:

And your love make this life worth livin'
Give so much of yourself and you keep on givin'
Givin' me everything I need
Baby, what more can ask for

-I can't say anything about this verse that hasn't already been said about the birds singing softly in the trees or the orange splashes in the sky as the sun awakens. What I will say, or what I love most about this song is that he's not just in love with some women...and singing about her...he's in love with a Good woman a Queen and he describes every reason for his feelings...he's giving her what she deserves and I Love, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!

Here's His Story


Sheletha said...

Who Is This???!!! I love those lyrics...kinda made me wanna cry...

Sheletha said...

good stuff, really...I wanna buy this today.

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... girl, YOU DON'T KNOW...THAT'S THE B-MAN...FROM THE P...MAN...LOL, that's Bilal and that song is from his first cd...I SOOOOO wish that youtube plays so you can see the video...GIRL...LOVES IT. The name if this album is 1st Born 2nd and I'm going to put a link to his page in the post.

anonymousnupe said...

Can't watch that vid here at work, though. Don't wanna put nobody's eye out. Ya heard?

Opinionated Diva said...

Never bought his album (not that I even buy albums these days), but I do like Bilal. He has an extremely soulful and sexy voice.

He could sing his ABC's and it would still come out hot and sexy!

JustMeWriting said...

LOL... that's not the ONE that'll put cha eye out...LOL (I'd assume you're talking bout the Soul Sista video)HAHAHAH... yeah, I Love's that one too, but yeah might be a bit much at work...

JustMeWriting said...

op.d: YES... I wasn't going to the show this weekend, but I DON'T KNOW... they just throwing emails at me all day...I might have to show up in dere...

Opinionated Diva said...

Girl go and enjoy yourself!

How much this thing cost anyway?

dc_speaks said...

That was a great song...I remembered hearing it before. I have the cd already...I'll go break it out and see if I missed something on it.

Good looking out, JMW!

Enjoy the video ya'll

JustMeWriting said...

op.d: LOL... yeah, I'm REALLY thinking but I have this other party I want to attend on Friday night...then this on Saturday might be a bit much, but then again, I do know how to make a week long meal of $5, so maybe i can spare it...LOL. it's $20 to stand and $30 to sit...YEAH, CRAZY...LOL.

dc: yeah...he's the man, OF COURSE MY copy of his cd is in someone possession...LOL. they always taking my stuff.

dc_speaks said...

hahahahaha...dang, can I please have my s**t back...post is applicable to you too...wow

that's funny

JustMeWriting said...

dc: PLEASE... I don't even ASK for stuff back anymore...I'm like ..."keep it boo-boo"...I'll get another.

nikki said...

i met bilal a few years back after i read one of my poems at this spot. he said he 'loved it'. :)

i love his cd. wish he'd hurry up with the next one damnit.

Ms. Behaving said...

WOW!! You can't tell me that that man DID NOT write that song for me. :-D

K.unwrapped said...

I LOVE me some Bilal, we might have to fight over him girl! He does seem like he would be a little (or a lot LOL) crazy and freaky though LOL.

Consistently Inconsistent... said...

Love Bilal--he's so under rated!

Mizrepresent said...

Can't hear the song at work, but i do love his music...always seems to praise his queen..his lyrics are amazing and who wouldn't want to be the one he is talking about.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for turning me on to new music! I love this!

Lo said...

OMG, Tanya, I can't believe you put up some Bilal!!! He is one of my favorite artists, and when 1st Born Second first dropped back in 2001, I ran that thing in THE GROUND. It remains in regular rotation with me (my two favorite songs are actually "Sometimes" and "When Will You Call"---the second song cracks me up, especially the part where, once he realizes his girl has obviously bounced, he says to himself as he's I guess looking in the closet, "where's your clothes...and where's your shoes?")

Anyway, I love, love, love this cat, and he really knows how to write lyrics that celebrate loving black women. (It doesn't hurt that he has a song called "Soul Sista"---that's been my e-mail address for more than ten years).

Anyway...I'll calm down now.

Great post!!!

Honey-Libra said...

Why did I think this was Common..cause I love that MANNNN EM EM EM LOL

Hmmm a new found love...I'm gonna have to keep him on my radar :)

JustMeWriting said...

nikki: WOW... that's what's up for real...and coming from such a poet as he.

ms.b: GIRL... he's talking to/about ALL the queens...LOL. I'd love to love him in that special way, but he's WAYYYY too short for me...LOL.

k: LOL... he's a lil eccentric like price.

con.inc: YES HE IS... way under.

miz: YES... he's sooo on point...I love his words.

ingrid: you're very welcome lady one good exchange deserves another.

lo: YOU GONE STOP PLAYEN NOW.....THOSE ARE MY FAVE'S TOO... I actually LOVE the whole thing, but of course someone borrowed it and has yet to return it...so I'm just liven and loven him in pieces...LOL, but just for you girl...I'ma gon and keep da party going....

anonymousnupe said...

Ok, watched, and the song is great. But, not to rain on the love-fest goin' on up in here, why sista-girlfrin gotta be high-yella wit caucasoid features yet again? I think I'd expect "better" from a brother down wit hyper-ethnic chic and airy-ting. Oh, well.

JustMeWriting said...

YOU AIN'T NEVA LIED ABOUT THAT...LOL. that's the FIRST thing I said, but then...the women in Soul Sista were the total opposite...

Sheletha said...

those cds are sooooo bought.

JustMeWriting said...

lol.. GOOD girl, you won't be sorry...I think it's only two.

1st Born 2nd and Love Songs

dcsavvystar said...

these lyrics are really thought provoking..... loves it!

JustMeWriting said...

YES THEY ARE GIRL... so full of love.

John said...

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