Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just a lil more B-man

Lo, got me all hyped up on the B-man even MORE...and since there seems to be so many who've not experienced the reality of him...I'ma give just a lil bit mo..."When Will You Call" (I'm not going to talk about these lyrics, but I've highlighted my favorite verse)

3 in the morn' tossing and turning it's late.
Just can't rest waiting for the phone to ring.
Will you call ring my phone girl
I hope you did not forget me
I can't sleep and I can't eat and I won't until I hear your
When will you call?
Three days ago rolled over to an empty bed
And I went to the bathroom and your toothbrush wasn't there.
Where's your clothes and where's your shoes
Got to start a new life without you
I can't sleep and I can't eat and I won't until I hear your
When will you call?
No notice no letter you just packed your shit and left girl
I deserve better
I treated you like no one else
How could you, you know I loved you and I thought this was true
now we're through
What I'm gonna do
Gotta start a new life without you.
Now we're through
What to do
Got to start a new life without you
When will you call...

Waiting for ya call
Waiting for ya call
Waiting for ya call, baby
Waiting for you to just sing a word in my ear and let me know
that your hear forever.

Call me! Call me! Call!
When will you call.
For I've been worried 'bout you all night for a long time.
(Call me...call me...CALL! When will you call?)
Get up and pick up the phone and let me know where your at.
Let me know what your doing. Now were through. And I'm without

(this is actually a bad video, but you can hear him singing the song)

OHHHH... HE LOOKS SOOOOOO UMMM WITH HIS LOCKS CUT OFF TOO...(LOL) man, I'm tempted to post the lyrics to me and lo's OTHER fave...'SOMETIMES'...WHOA, but Ima let you check him out for yourself.


dc_speaks said...

lol...ur a mess. i'll be hearing this even more since you posted this blog.

yeah....thanks alot, friend.

JustMeWriting said...

WHAT...DON'T YOU TRY TO STOP THE LOVE...LOL. and he deserves it...HAHAHAH.

Lo said...

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Good lookin' out, Tanya!!!

And just for that quip, Damon, I'm gonna play this NONSTOP!!!! You'll be up to your eyeballs in Bilal!!!

Lo said...

Girl, you made me end up going out and registering for imeem.com just so I could add some Bilal audio to the side of my blog.

You done set up a Bilal explosion. Next up...


Anonymous said...

You are right! Great lyrical content! Now I am on a hunt for all things Bilal :-)

Much Love,


Anonymous said...

Just breathe Shug. Just breathe.

mark said...

Baby girl thanks for posting this. Bilal is a very talented cat. I was feeling his rendition of soul sista live that they used for the WNBA promo a few years back.

Im all about the Neo soul Jill Scott, Badu you know usual suspects. Good morning also JMW. Peace

dc_speaks said...

oh well...see what you done did. you set me up, T. That wasn't even cool. tisk tisk tisk

JustMeWriting said...

lo: LOL.. yeah, PLEASE DO BLAST HIM WITH BILAL...hahahah and yeah, girl, I LOVE imeem, my son turned me on to that.

b_more: YES he's surely one to have in your collection.

soj.g: WHERE YOU BEEN...LOL. (ok, I'm breathing)

mark: WHERE YOU BEEN...LOL. good morning and I LOVE neo-soul too.


jameil1922 said...

chile. have you seen him perform? i saw him on accident b/c he was in concert w/112 at hampton one year and i was obsessed w/them. i had seen them the previous year and didn't even really know who bilal was. i left that concert a FAN!!!!!!

JustMeWriting said...

DON'T EVEN BRING THAT UP.... because NOOOOOO and he'll be here this weekend, but I just CAN'T even do it....and I'm SOOO mad, but I just hope I'll check him out soon.