Thursday, June 7, 2007

"Excuse Me Mr. West"

I really didn't have anything to post today, but what the heck...I'm addicted, so I make up topics...LOL.

Anyway, it wasn't long before my mind reached my soul and uncovered this longing...the longing for leadership. I usually assume the lead role, probably because I'm always running my mouth and since I'm SOOOOOOO funny (LOL) people usually get a kick outta hearing me talk, but I LONG to follow, to serve a GREAT leader, but I've been looking around for 32 years and THERE IS NONE, well one...I LOVE MR. WEST (Dr. Cornell West) ...he is everything I've ever missed. This first time I saw him speak was a couple of years ago, here in Philly and I was in awe...everything about that man is was like a school-girl crush...and I was CRUSHED OUT!!! I was so emotional (and I'm NOT a very emotional person, just ask the men I've but I just couldn't contain's a little something I wrote while walking home after seeing him:

the first time I heard you I’m ashamed to say it wasn’t long before it was. I sat on the edge of my seat in the bar with a window and about 40 people between us; captivated by your style of delivery my stomach swirled in anticipation of your next word; drowning the miscellaneous activity around me in the overflow of your intelligence, as you spoke the thoughts I dreamed of hearing… accentuating my blackness… bringing a lump to my throat as you stirred my soul. A reincarnation of things past in an era of dying futures… you awaken me… returning what I’ve known, but practiced being silent about; I was renewed by the words I heard from you the first time.

I've got an old I've been told; I'm my grandmother's mini-me, so I've always been held captive by the greats of our past...the "stronf" ( I borrow that...LOL) they exhibited...such power has been missed from our race for far too long...we are truely the lost generation...but I pray a change comes soon.


mark said...

"I've got an old I've been told; I'm my grandmother's mini-me"

mark bey: I am amazed at the knowledge you posses. Sometimes when I am trying to give voice and put words to something I want to say you some it up with good mother wit and common sense.

Also Cornel West is a wise, wise dude. But I think the leadership has to be provided by those who are willing to take a stand in the hopes of creating better lives for our people.

Lastly praying/meditating wont save us alone. It will provide us a space to work through issues and discern things but thier must be follow up on the action part of things. Otherwise we are just signifying.

Keep doing your thing baby girl I have learned so much from you already. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Wow Gurl! Express yourself! It's great to hear such moving words and such provactive prose about something so important.

You gone make me check dis cat out!

Oh ummm...why do you start all your posts with "I really didn't have anything to post today" and then proceed to spit life?

I don't understand it, but it's one of the things that is endearing about you.

dc_speaks said... are quite a well rounded, knowledgeable old soul.

Thanks for sharing this powerful message.

anonymousnupe said...

I concur, he's one inspiring dude. Makes me feel like I'm gonna bust with, with pride and ambition when I listen to him. I just don't, however, appreciate how on occasion he mixes his “holy” messages. How you gon' stand in a Baptist pulpit and exalt Allah and Islam in the same breath as Jesus?! (The more disappointing part is that the pastor allowed it to happen and didn’t “fix it up” afterwards.)

And of course you may appropriate "stronf." I did. (But you might want to check the spelling. I just made that up.)

nic said...

Ooh girl! Go head with your deep self. You were feelin' him. What is "stronf" though. Strong folk?
I took a guess. Please don't laugh if I'm wrong. You know I'm fragile. Anyhoo, wanting to serve/follow a great leader is admirable. Why don't I hear more people saying that now a days?

JustMeWriting said...

Ok...I'm going to start from the bottom (only in the post time- shuga...LOL)

nic: HAHAHAHA... yes, 'stronf' is Strong Folk...THAT IS CORRECT (in my Dave Chappell voice) LOL. Yeah, our elders have fallen off and there's nobody to lead the sheep...'the harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few', but we'll get it together.

dc: and you know that thanks.

JustMeWriting said...

mark: OOOHHH...DON'T YOU TRY TO MAKE ME EMOTIONAL...LOL, THANK YOU MUCH. You KNOW you've been such an inspiration to's just crazy and you're so on point with every word you spoke (as usual) We've got work to do and we've got to exaust every method from evey angle...again...'the harvest is ripe...'

soj: LOL... because I REALLY don't consider the things I was anything other then, but I'm so glad you see something in my words, because I feel everone, but it's always been personal and heck yeah, you've got to check him out...amazing.

anonnupe: I saved you for last, because that's a WHOLE other issue...and WHY is this acceptance allowed, you're not here to cator to everyone else... let them go and know what they believe elsewhere...where is your allegiance? I didn't know he did that...and that's a major no-no and like you said...even moreso, because the so called shepard of that house allowed that, because he was just so glad to have mr. West in the spot...which is the same reason why sexual immorality is tolerated, but I'm going to stop there.

nic said...

Dave Chappelle Voice! Ha! "No but it should be..." lol! You always got me laughing out loud! Got people at my job lookin' at me all crazy. Oh, If they only knew what I had to go through with you. EVERY DARN DAY! They wouldn't judge me. They'd give me a medal of honor and some Advil's to help my head and stomach. I be havin' aches and pains from laughing at your silly ass.

Honey-Libra said...

He is an amazing speaker....but I dont wanna see you on the news now LOL

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

way to go. we have a lot of work to do andi it seems like we got too few workers.

deepnthought said...

I love Dr. West. I actually wanted to be like him when I was younger. I actually am still on the path to become a professor. I have all of his books. Some I have two or three copies of.

But I have to agree with the others. You do have a way with words. I have you on the short list of folks I must read at home. cause I am bound to have a verbal reaction of some sort.


JustMeWriting said...

nic: I KNOW YOU AIN'T many times I've made a fool of myself , or almost choked on some water from laughing at CHU...LOL. HUM... (where's that smiley with his arms folded)...I need him now, you KNOW I love everything minute of it, I'm so glad I found

honey-libra: LOL. yeah, I'm bout to be and Bill

torrance: YES INDEED...too few workers, and that's the REAL shame of things.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Wow! Very nice.

Ms. Behaving said... better not forget about me when you make it big (because based on your writing skills that's where you're headed) :-)

You truly have a way with words!!

JustMeWriting said...


deep: I must have been commenting at the same time as you, but YES I really love how he speaks and he's so dramatic and thank you precious.

diva: well I thank you very kindly lady.

ms.b: LOL...YOU BETTA STOP PLAYEN, but I thank you much for even speaking that into the air...and you know I love to give...LOL.

A Beautiful Life said...

I feel you. I heard him speak last Feb at the State of the Black Union. I was blushing. Something about him draws you into him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for rolling through my spot! I do a featured writer of the month and BK is June's. Swing through again you just never know what you may find. I am definitely going to keep dropping in to see what's on your mind. You make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Everything about that man is was like a school-girl crush...and I was CRUSHED OUT!!!

LOL....!! I love that part....This is a very good blog.... **THUMBS UP!** =)

PS:::: Thank you for stopping by. Glad u looked the interview....! LOL

JustMeWriting said...

beautiful: YES... isn't he something wonderful to hear and see... because his delivery style is something else too.

ingrid: you're more then welcome...and I'll surely be back for to see what's happening and thanks, i'm glad to make you laugh...that way I don't laugh alone...LOL.

lady5: LOL... I'm glad you liked that, and it's the He's something and you're very welcome