Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lyrically Affected #4 (Body & Soul)

This is a classic in every way...the words, the singing and the artist...LOVES IT!

verse 1: -It's amazing how the joys and pains of love have the same symptoms. I remember singing this verse with tears streaming down my face...on the pain side.

What have you done to me
I can't eat, I cannot sleep
And I'm not the same anymore

verse 2: -DAG, "all of me what's all of u" those are some powerful words...then the QUESTION. You can't really feel bad about where you are with relationships if you never ask the question.

I don't know what to do
All of me wants all of you
Do I stand alone at the shore?

verse 3 & Chorus: - I love falling in love and remembering when it started, remembering when you COULD turn away, but NOW! There's that question again.

Now once I coud turn away
From everything I feel today
But, now I want to walk
through your door
But I've got to know - oh
Body and soul
That you've got no doubt
inside and out
We are whole - oh
Body and soul
Don't leave me out in the cold
Just love me body and soul
-do you hear me baby-

verse #4 & #5 - Man, this is mature love ("livin for what wasn't mine") this is after you've wasted time with foolishness and now YOU'RE ready for've worked on you and want nothing less then best. wow, I love these lyrics.

I've wasted too much time
Livin' for what wasn't mine
Then came the day I found you
And now I want nothing less
I've found a love that is truly blessed
I wanna make dreams come true

bridge: - WOW... I know the answer to this, but these words make me want to ask the question...DOES THIS LOVE STILL EXIST? People nowadays seem to rush into things and miss all this...the emotional development. You've GOT to have you heart and mind ready to experience this can't come with baggage, or somebody's getting, falling in love is an amazing thing..."everybodies always talking bout fallen in love; fallen in love ain't s!#$, somebody please talk to me about how to stay there!" (20 points if you tell me where THAT line's from)

Every day is getting better,
The more I trust I feel
stronger, stronger
Every kiss brings me closer,
It feels good to love you

(ad lib)
is there any doubt
in your mind?

And NOW, without further ado, Mrs. Anita Baker!!!


Nic said...

I love Ms. Anita Baker. Not like I love Phylicia Rashaad & Patti LaBelle, cause I'll fight over them! But I still love her music very much. I've been listening to her since I was a little girl. I still have the "Rapture" tape, YES TAPE, that I stole from my dad in 87'. Yeah I had an old soul, with quick hands. LOL!

Anywhoo..."DOES THIS LOVE STILL EXIST?" I'm starting to think it doesn't.


"everybodies always talking bout fallen in love; fallen in love ain't s!#$, somebody please talk to me about how to stay there!"
Yes....then foward that s*** to me.


anonymousnupe said...

HMPH! Me and Ms. Baker haven't been on listening terms since I appeared in her No One in the World music video back around '86-'87. After three days of shooting and no pay she refused to even sign autographs for the poor saps who portrayed soldiers returning home from war. So I have no love for huh here now. PSSH!

Nic said...

@ snupe,


Where ya been buddy?

DurtyMo said...

Wooooo! You just took me there! I have been in love with one person for as long as I can remember. Even through all of our relationships with other people we've maintained a bond that can not and will not be broken. He is my best friend and we are working towards marriage(he lives in another state ugh). So yes, the type of love that ANITA sangs about is real!!!!

Ms. Behaving said...

Gurl...ain't the words to that song DEEP??. I feel the love all up in those lyrics!!!

I loves me some Anita Baker. I wonder what's going on with her by the way...

Hmmmm [google maybe?]

Opinionated Diva said...

I think she still does mini concerts. I've seen her name recently, so I know she's still around. I believe she recently divorced and is trying to make a comeback.

Mega Rich said...

Good song, I didn't recognize it at first. It wasn't until I saw Anita Bakers name.

The song reminds me of a girl I dated when this song was out, thought I was going to marry her.

These love songs will have you fantasizing about where your love should be and reality will be saying something altogether different.

So which is right? It's like Gerald Leverts song, "I wish I could find the love I sing about"

Ticia said...

I love it.. I love her...

When I was a kid, I use to do the Anita Baker shake--- and hold my hand up--

GC (God's Child) said...

Ms. Baker released a full-length album 2 years ago, or maybe it was last year and she isn't TRYING to make a comeback. She never went anywhere.

Now I need to run out and go buy that cd

Sheri said...

You know I line "so all of ya'll just need to step!!!"

Words spoken to my man Larenz Tate by the one and only Isiah Washington in my favoritest movie in the entire universe...Love Jones!!!

Gu,mbo Gurl said...

Sweet, refreshing and always the perfect song. Thanks for such a 'suite' delivery.

~Gumbo Gurl

JustMeWriting said...

nic: hahahah...I'm a Debbie Allen fan...HAHAHAH! girl, I actually think that thing still exist, it's just getting harder and harder to find.

nupe: you serious? I've always heard she was really nice...maybe is was YOU...LOL.

durty: AHHHHH... NOW I GET THE STORY (took you long enough), but girl...that sounds like 'THE ONE' hang in there REAL, what a love story...I join you in prayer, may the Lord keep you both on track until His appointed time on union. God can do EVERYTHING.

ms.b: YES... she's one of the few artist I can listen to straight through...and not skip a song. I know she did that comback cd a couple of years ago, but nothing since then.

op.d: OOOHH...I didn't know she got divorced...dag.

rich: I know the song by Dag, is a mutha, but we love it all the same.

ticia: LOL... yes girl, that arm thing was something else.

gc: HAHAHAHAH... girl, I know that's right because I still really do love her. I actually don't want her to come back new...they change and she should stay the same. I've got to go buy it AGAIN...mine cracked....SOOO MAD!


g.g.: lol... yes it is indeed the perfect're welcome g.g.

Anonymous said...

You do break it down my friend. Ms. Baker has ALWAYS had something to say.

Sheletha said...


Maybe Shai can attest to this, but I heard that Ms. Baker is really mean...and maybe crazy.

anonymousnupe said...

Maybe it was me?! Have you seen me?! LOL!!!

That's funny, though. I had always heard just the opposite about AB(and Phylicia Rashaad, too...especially her).

JustMeWriting said...


sheletha: FOR REAL! Dag, I'm really surprised...I guess you can't judge a book by it's cover, but you and nupe are KILLING my love song...HAHAHAHAH!

nupe: (my arms are folded and I'm not looking at chu) hum!

Vickie said...

OMG. Been a fan forever! Talent show i sang Angel thought i could sing.(not)Prom "begged" my mom could i cut my hair off for THE CUT. My college bf made me a slowjam tape of her which became OUR SONGS(that was love) hahaha She's a legend...

Anonymous said...

Girl you really know how to turn up the volume! I like that song!

CapCity said...

despite my disappointments & heartbreaks - i'll believe in love & soulmates 'til the day I DIE!!!

and crazy or NOT I love Anita Baker's music - i don't need to live w/ the woman! LOL!

Mizrepresent said...

I too am a Anita Baker fan, and when i last seen her in concert, 2 years ago, she did the dayum beautiful, so heartwarming!

KIKI said... you didn't break out the Anita Baker...girl you took me back...1988 to be exact...that's when i bacame a fan!

Sheletha said...

She still a wonderful Songstress to me...but just don't approach her while shes shopping in Detroit.